Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Steamforged Signs Exclusivity Agreement With Kickstarter, Launches With New Monster Hunter World Board Game

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Today, Steamforged Games has announced a new excited exclusivity deal with Kickstarter. Through the partnership, Steamforged Games’s next four tabletop games will be crowdfunded exclusively on Kickstarter. Steamforged and Kickstarter will also be collaborating on educational content for emerging games creators as a way to support the next generation of tabletop publishers. 

Steamforged Games already successfully funded over a dozen projects on Kickstarter. The team’s past projects, which have earned over £20M in pledges from backers on Kickstarter, include official board games for Dark Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter: World

“We’re excited to partner exclusively with Kickstarter for our upcoming crowdfunding campaigns,” said Steamforged Games CEO and co-founder, Rich Loxam. “Kickstarter has been key to the making of Steamforged and is a big part of how we’ve gotten where we are today. We believe it’s the best platform for creators to bring their ideas to life and reach their audience. It’s an incredible way to build passionate communities, and it provides a fantastic space where those communities can engage with us directly and even influence the final game.”

One of the projects that falls under the partnership is now live on Kickstarter today. The new crowdfunding project is for Steamforged’s Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game. The Iceborne board game will plunge players into a wintry experience with a whole new line-up of massive monsters to hunt. Together, 1-4 players will track numerous beasts across the frozen tundra and engage in strategic, card-driven combat. The game is the successor to Steamforged’s highly-rated Monster Hunter: World board game, which raised £3.4 million on Kickstarter in 2021. 

Steamforged’s Chief Strategy Officer Jon Leland adds, “There’s a common misconception that creators need to ‘graduate’ from Kickstarter but, especially in the tabletop industry, that isn’t the case. This partnership with one of our biggest tabletop games publishers is a testament to the fact that Kickstarter can be part of an ongoing business model that works beyond initial success. This is one example of how we hope to continue finding impactful and creative ways to deepen our relationships with creators of all sizes, across all categories.”

You can learn more about and support their latest project here.

Images via Capcom and Steamforged Games

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