Saturday, June 10, 2023

Steamforged Games Announces New Standalone Expansions To ‘Dark Souls’ Board Game

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Steamforged Games (Runescape Kingdoms: Shadows of Elvarg, Ni No Kuni II) today announced two exciting new releases for DARK SOULS: The Board GameDARK SOULS: The Board Game, Painted World of Ariamis and DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Tomb of Giants are set to release simultaneously in November. These new core sets are standalone, breaking with the previous pattern of releasing expansions requiring the core DARK SOULS: The Board Game to enjoy.

DARK SOULS™: The Board Game, Painted World of Ariamis  with minis

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and FromSoftware Inc., their enormously popular DARK SOULS™ video game series is famous for its challenging gameplay and complicated level design, selling 27 million copies to date. The board game follows in the same vein.

Steamforged Games’ own history with the brand began in 2016 when they took DARK SOULS™: The Board Game to Kickstarter. It raised £3.7million followed by significant success at retail and is still one of the best-selling board games to date.

No other purchase is necessary for a full campaign, making these sets a great entry point for new players, however the sets are also fully backwards compatible, and existing fans can combine either core set with their existing DARK SOULS™: The Board Game collection to create exciting  campaigns.

DARK SOULS™: The Board Game, Tomb of Giants with minis

DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Painted World of Ariamis and DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Tomb of Giants each explore an iconic location from the original DARK SOULS video game, including enemies from the Painted World and Tomb of Giants, including Gravelord Nito and Crossbreed Priscilla.

In addition to new models, both sets feature a refined and updated ruleset which was developed in tandem with the DARK SOULS: The Board Game community. Further details on the new ruleset to be released in due course.

CCO & Co-Founder Mat Hart adds: “We’re delighted to be adding to our incredibly popular range of DARK SOULS releases with these spectacular new sets. Fans have been clamouring for us to add both locations to our offering, and here they are! With a community-driven revitalisation of the rules, we think these new releases will be popular with long standing fans, while their standalone nature make them highly accessible to new players.”

Fans are encouraged to sign up to the Steamforged Games newsletter for more details on release dates and a closer look at features from the sets.

For more information head to the Steamforged Games website.

Images via Steamforged Games

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