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Frequently asked questions

Why a paid subscription?

As we run headfirst into 2024, it’s hard for us to believe that The Fandomentals has been running strong for going on SEVEN years. We owe that all to our readers, and the experience has been absolutely incredible, at least as far as we editors are concerned.

We’ve really tried to build something unique here—a place where thoughtful, and even over-zealous analysis of media and culture is valued, and where people feel safe to engage in debating various aspects of the things we watch, read, play, wear, listen to, and/or otherwise consume. We are truly humbled and pleased to find that others value as well, since we continue to grow every day.

We’re also well aware that we owe every drop of success to our contributors. We adore the team we’ve built and without their hard work and dedication, we’d have given up a long time ago. While we’re encouraged to see readership steadily climb, it’s simply not fast enough for us to get to a point where we can offer compensation to our writers, and that’s something we’re eager to correct.

However, we didn’t want to put our entire site behind a paywall. The idea of a paid subscription may not exactly set the world on fire, but we hope it’s fairly reasonable for less than the price of one latte a month. Plus, you have the knowledge that you’re helping to support the effort behind the pieces you’ve been enjoying here.

Do I HAVE to purchase a FM+ membership?

Absolutely not. The majority of our content remains open and free to read. Whether you choose to support us or not, we want to let you know that we appreciate you just coming here in the first place. We really feel like we’ve made a great home in this odd little slice of the internet, and we look forward to continuing on into this next exciting chapter.