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Ravensburger Unveils Greater Investment In Disney For 2023 With New Games, Puzzles

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As Ravensburger (Villainous, Labyrinth: Disney Villains) welcomes its 140th anniversary and Disney celebrates “100 Years of Wonder,” consumers are invited to bring the magic home with a new line of games and puzzles. From games featuring classic Disney animated characters to puzzles with Star Wars-inspired artwork to the debut of trading card game Disney Lorcana – 2023 will be packed with fan-favorite products for customers of all ages. 

“For more than a century, Ravensburger has been entertaining customers of all ages with beloved games, puzzles and toys,” said Stephane Madi, CEO of Ravensburger North America. “We are thrilled to share with you a 2023 lineup that re-envisions some of the world’s most treasured classics and beloved IPs, while also stepping into new spaces of play.” 

Disney Around the World (by Ravensburger) 

Disney Around The World box

Adventure through the sky and explore the magical world of Disney as you pilot a hot air balloon. Guide your balloon through six charming Lands and collect Stamps for your Passport. Roll a die to see where you’ll move. Sunshine is the best weather for flying… but watch out for the wind and clouds! Be the first to collect four Stamps from four different Lands to win. (Ages 4+ / $19.99 MSRP / Available August 2023) 

Disney Villains: The Card Game (by Ravensburger) 

Disney Villains Card Game

Build the strongest team of Villains and Henchmen, matching the color or number on the cards in your stack. Cast curses, meddle in your opponents’ plans, and unleash your sinister might with your Villain’s special cards. Watch out for Heroes who will try to sabotage your team. Earn the most points to win!  (Ages 8+ / $10.99 MSRP / Available at Barnes & Noble

Disney WordARound (by ThinkFun) 

Disney Word A Round box

ThinkFun’s fast-paced card game challenges players to see who can read the word-wheel the quickest.  From Mickey to Simba to Moana, you’ll have to use your Disney trivia knowledge to recognize the words and call them out first. Perfect for on-the-go fun! (Ages 10+ / $14.99 MSRP / Available March 2023)  

New Puzzles

This year alone, Ravensburger will release over 111 new puzzles in North America that range from iconic movies to classic cartoons and popular video games. For those up for a challenge – Ravensburger also makes some of the world’s biggest puzzles – clocking in at 40,320 pieces and estimated to take an entire year to complete (puzzling 11 hours each week).

The Disney Castle Collection (by Ravensburger) 
A tale of enchantment! Ravensburger and Disney fans alike will be able to immerse themselves into the world of 10 different Disney castle puzzles. Featuring your favorite Disney heroines, each illustration allows you to peek inside an incredible castle interior with a unique cross section view. (Ages 14+ / $29.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon / 1000pcs) 

Star Wars​ Villainous ​Puzzles​ (by Ravensburger) 
Imagine a Star Wars galaxy where the villains’ diabolical schemes have succeeded! We’ve done just that in this fascinating Star Wars Villainous puzzle collection, illustrating the ‘what if’ scenarios of victorious villains. These five custom puzzles complement Ravensburger’s Star Wars (Power of the Dark Side) Villainous game with visualizations of iconic villains completing their objectives. As evil prevails and darkness defeats the light, collect, and puzzle them all to fulfill your destiny! (Ages 14+ / $29.99 MSRP / Available February 2023 / 1000pcs) 

Images via Ravensburger

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