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Scent Saturday: Versace “Eros”

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The skyscrapers tower above you as you stroll through the evening, their lit windows a golden matrix. On the street’s horizon – where the pavement disappears into a blur of walking bodies – you spy the neon sign of a club that is already disappointing you. Is the man of your dreams pumping his fist shyly in the corner? The woman you’ve always imagined just now being shielded by her friend group from some creepy mid-thirties male? The aesthetically immaculate enby throwing dance moves like Michael Flatley in his prime? You contemplate the possibilities as you approach the club in an aquamarine polo. You’re a kill bill siren with a nice chin. You’re wearing Versace Eros.

Eros has a sole intention – to make itself known. Rarely does a perfume perform like Versace Eros. I distinctly remember putting on a single spray of Versace Eros and walking into one of Notre Dame’s notorious dorm room parties. After I sat down, the Versace Eros yelled in my own face for fifteen minutes. I sat and prayed that the students around me had fallen victim to one or another sinus condition and that the scent might come across more politely than a frat boy who’d arrived via rentable electric scooter. No dice.

Eros’ performance is something to behold and then flee. It sings through the night with its mint-vanilla heart. It’s sharp and creamy, reminiscent of Le Male, and metallic, reminiscent of Wolverine’s claws. When you are taken in by Eros, you are not sure you want to be.

Let me be clear – Eros is indeed sexy and well-blended, but in a way that is eerily soulless. For all the novelty in its structure, including a green apple top note, Eros feels cold and calculating. If you want to exude power and don’t mind sacrificing nuance and elegance, Eros might be a great fit for a night out clubbing. Just be warned you won’t strike anyone as a person of depth, or even as a person at all.

Versace Eros does have one magnificent selling point – its bottle. If you’ve ever been bewitched by the stylized Versace Medusa head, you’re likely to take one glance at this perfume and pull out your credit card. The blue glass and gold accents are quite wonderful. Rarely does a perfume come in a bottle so instantly iconic.

However, that’s where the game ends. Don’t expect to find some hidden depth in Eros, or for anyone to smell you and be whisked away to some romantic memory. Versace Eros is about as complex as the clubs it drifts through. If that’s the environment you desire – especially in the lockdown days of COVID – no one will blame you for spraying.

Find Versace Eros here, or, if you have more restraint, sample here.


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