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Fragrance Friday: Daddy Yankee

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The past several reviews I’ve written have explored fragrances that are on the pricier end of the spectrum in the world of fragrance. Honestly, it happens. Fragrance isn’t always a cheap hobby, sadly, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fragrances out there that can be found to fit your budget!

So I’m going to both feature another celebrity fragrance, and one at a price point that most of us can afford. Now, you might have read my previous review for Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck flanker, Enchanted. In there I detailed some of the issues I have with celebrities who rush out and slap their name on fragrances because capitalism and celebrity culture equals more profit! Still haven’t changed my mind on that, but I did also admit that there are some celebrity fragrances worth checking out, and Daddy Yankee eau de toilette (EDT) is definitely one of them.

Released in 2008, Daddy Yankee EDT was targeted towards men in the 18-30ish range and is, obviously, from the well-known Puerto Rican music artist Daddy Yankee. Name not ringing any bells? Trust me, you’ve heard of him. In fact, you couldn’t escape one of the singles he featured on in the last decade.

Still need a little hint?

You’re welcome for that trip down memory lane!

Now before we get to the actual review, let’s check the notes out first.

Daddy Yankee Notes

Ginger, green apple, amber, basil, Brasilian redwood, suede, sage, cedar.

I know what you’re thinking. “Kori, don’t you absolutely loathe any scent with green apple in it?”

Why, yes! Yes, I do! So why did I decide to review Daddy Yankee out of all the fragrances in the world I could’ve chosen?


Because they managed to blend the green apple note in a way that I don’t hate, and actually really enjoy. Wonder of wonders!

Daddy Yankee is a very clean and fruity scent. No, it’s not terribly complex and will probably smell at least somewhat similar to a wide range of clean, designer fragrances. On application, you’re definitely going to notice the apple and ginger, but those don’t overwhelm the fragrance at all and are instead balanced out by the Brasilian redwood, cedar, and a healthy dose of suede. This gives Daddy Yankee just enough of a pleasant twist to stand out a bit from the rest of the crowd.

It won’t be lining up to win any creativity awards, let me be clear. That said, it’s a perfectly nice scent, extremely pleasant, and this would be a fantastic choice for a daily beater, day-time fragrance. The sillage is perfectly serviceable, as is the projection. It’s not a beast mode fragrance (y’all, it’s an EDT, come on), but daily reach fragrances don’t have to be. Daddy Yankee will get the job done, simple as that.

But what about pricing? Folks, you can find this for under $15. In fact, Fragrancenet has it on clearance for about $13 for a 100 mL bottle, which you can find by clicking on the link below.

So there you have it. A reliable daily grab that won’t break the bank by any stretch of the imagination, and manages a wizarding feat of turning green apple into something that isn’t an ungodly olfactory monstrosity. For the amount you get, and the quality in each bottle, it’s really hard to think of a better value per dollar on the market right now outside of maybe Dana’s Tabu. That said, if you click the image, you can also still pick up a sample from Fragrancenet for $1.94. Really, what do you have to lose?

The Fandomentals “Fragdomentals” team base our reviews off of fragrances that we have personally, independently sourced. Any reviews based off of house-provided materials will be explicitly stated.

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