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Getting Real And Flying High: Floodgate Games At PAX Unplugged

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Wandering the halls of a board game convention, it’s always hard to ignore the Floodgate Games booth thanks to brightly colored banners for games like Sagrada and Holi. In addition to brand new game Vivid Memories (more on that early next year), the folks at Floodgate were nice enough to show me some of their upcoming releases, including new details on Sagrada Legacy and a fast-paced game with art by crack board game artist Beth Sobel.

Fog of Love: Love In Isolation (February 2022)

Floodgate Games Fog of Love expansion Love in Lockdown

Fog of Love is a recent acquisition by Floodate, who are planning in 2022 to do a full reprint of the game with all expansions, including the fan-favorite “Paranormal Romance.” They’re also adding to it, starting with this expansion, which plays on the reality we’ve been stuck in for a few years as the couple tries to get through a vague lockdown (it’s not about COVID, it could be an attack by killer space hamsters) together. The expansion adds in the “reckless” and “apathy” qualities to the game, adding new traits to deal with as you and your partner respond to the lockdown. Can you survive the long isolation together?

I was also told that a further expansion is coming later in the year which will expand the game to more than two players by introducing more open relationships and polyamory to the game.

Decorum (March 2022)

Floodgate Games Decorum box

Decorum is a devilishly realistic game all about the complicated ways roommates often have to communicate with each other. The basic game is two players, and each person has a preferred way to decorate the space being shared. To get their win condition, they need to get the right furniture in the right place in the house or apartment. There’s curios, lamps, and wall hangings each in one of four styles: Unusual, Retro, Unique, and Modern, as well as four colors to paint with. You can add, remove, or swap the things in the house as you need to get to your goal.

Though both roommates have different style preferences, you ARE working to win. The catch is you can only give a vaguely positive, negative, or neutral response. So yeah, as the box says, it’s all about passive aggression. You can’t go into detail, and you have to essentially remember your partners responses to maximize your chance at winning. There’s more scenarios that bump up the number of players, and there’s even an app coming to procedurally generate new scenarios to extend the life of the game even further.

Kites (Summer 2022)

Kites cover from Floodgate Games

I actually got to play Kites at the convention because it is a FAST game to play. It plays in real time (like Pendulum) but the timing of things is much more rapid than others. Your goal is to go through the whole deck of cards without the different sand timers running out. Each timer is a different length and tied to a different color, and when you play a color of card you flip that timer. There’s plenty of little wrinkles like storms and multi-colored kites, but just getting rid of cards strategically is a blast. The game can be picked up in literally about a minute and only takes a few minutes to play, making it excellent for parties or younger players. Plus they got Beth Sobel on art duties, c’mon.

Sagrada Legacy (GenCon 2022)

So, we’ve known about this for a little bit but it’s the first time I’ve seen any details of what the hotly anticipated game will contain. The booklet was all we have and I can’t take pictures of the inside, but rest assured it’s going to be a big treat for Sagrada-heads. You’ll be building all the windows in the cathedral, using stickers, doing lots of interesting puzzles. The full unveil comes out at GenCon, but keep an eye out for more details in the intervening months. Floodgate also confirmed that Glory, the third Great Facade expansion, is in the works as well, rounding out the trilogy with Passion and Life.

Images via Floodgate Games

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