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The Fandomentals Fundraiser Giveaway #7: Fog Of Love

Spring has sprung and that means its time for love! In another giveaway to celebrate out 6th Anniversary Fundraiser, our good friends at Floodgate Games have partnered with us to give away a copy of Fog of Love, the hit relationship simulator from Danish designer Jacob Jaskov and artists Cecilie Fossheim, Mike Højgaard, Lotte M. Klixbüll Jaskov, Jens Wiese. Built around a fictional relationship, the game strives to almost be like a romantic comedy: there’s all the real life ups and downs you’d expect as well as lots of laughs and plenty of surprises. It’s a great choice for couples wanting something fun for date night (as we recommended on our list) or just for someone wanting something a little different.

Giveaway open to entrants with addresses within Continental US

Images via Floodgate Games

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