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Zip Top Reusable Containers Live Up To The Hype

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Ever since I got into trying out subscription boxes, I’ve received ads for any number of fix-it products and other lifestyle items. Sometimes, those products are actually pretty great. For example, there’s the award-winning Zip Top, advertised as “the most durable and easy-to-use reusable container” which we received a copy for review.

As a busy graduate student, I regularly prep meals to last me multiple days and packaging it to take to campus is a pain when I don’t want to carry a rigid box sideways. So Zip Top standing up by itself is enough of a draw in itself, but I actually really liked the product!

Created in 2017 by Rebecca Finell, the design makes it easy for everyone to stop using single use plastics. Made with a one-piece construction, they’re safe for the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. Per the website there’s no BPA, plastic, fillers, or other products. Instead the entire piece is silicone including the zipper area.

Zip Top comes in four styles. Cups, bags, and dishes make up the bulk of their product and come in five colors. Plus, what’s really cool is their expansion into containers for baby food and breast milk storage!

zip top set
8 piece set

The 8 piece full set comes with a small, medium, and large sized dish bag, snack and sandwich bags, and a small, medium, and large cup. At a little over $90 it is pricier than buying any of the disposable options, of course. However one full set will cover most needs and it’s easy to buy exactly what you need for your own home.

We received a set of three cups to try out in pink and I put them through the test!

From the get go I really appreciated the feel and heft to these containers. They’re smooth and don’t smell which is always nice. Zip Top states that most items won’t stain the containers except for foods like curries, tomatoes, watermelon, and carrots. So what you would expect. Nothing can stop reds or oranges from doing what they want.

In attempts to not flood my kitchen floor with something that’s a pain to clean, I just filled each cup with some water to see how well it would hold up. Since they store upright, they do take up more room than anything you would stack. I would not suggest trying to store them upside down. They could probably hold if the item isn’t too liquidy on their side, but they are made to stand up, and that’s how I plan to use them.

I also stored real foods like fruits and some leftover food for a few days in the fridge and they rinsed out just fine! They are as promised dishwasher safe and didn’t stain at all and the one I put in the freezer didn’t have any weird ice crystals!

If you have other concerns, Zip Top has a whole blog post dedicated to care and keeping the containers working for years and years to come. Should you not love them, you can return or exchange your purchase within 30 days.

For anyone who stores a lot of food and is tired of using disposable plastic bags or even washing the plastic bags to reuse, Zip Top is a must buy. As soon as I finish off my disposable bags, I’ll be buying a whole set from the company. #Sustainability

Images and review product courtesy of Zip Top

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