Thursday, November 30, 2023

Write Up For NUN: A Very Halo Holiday

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They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Some of y’all might have noticed a couple of months back the Warrior Nun fandom had a one-year anniversary event and dropped a very nifty, shiny fanzine. Well, have we got news for you! Just in time for the holiday season, our friends over at Warrior Nun Promo are back for round two! You can read all the details below, and check out the podcast they guested on for Ladies First here. Also, like, if you didn’t read the first fanzine yet, what are you waiting for?

Nun Zine General Rules:

  • Email your work to [email protected] between 15th September-21st October with the subject [NAME/HANDLE][SUBMISSION TYPE][HOLIDAY] 

ex: Father.Traitor fanfic Día de Muertos

  • Please name submission attachments as [NAME/HANDLE]_[SUBMISSION TYPE]_[HOLIDAY]

ex: Father.Traitor_fanfic_DiadelosMuertos.docx

  • Include in your email your chosen social media account handle/pseudonym/name (optional)
  • If your work is associated with another piece (e.g. art for a fic), include a link to the original work.
  • General audience rating only (strictly no NSFW), and no excessive swearing.
  • AU and canon pieces for all characters and ships are encouraged!
  • By submitting a work, you certify that it is your own. If the work submitted was commissioned, proper attribution must be made to its artist/author. 
  • No copies or reworkings of the existing work of another creator will be accepted unless with express permission from the original creator and proper attribution thereto. In this case, kindly include the handle/email of the original creator so that the editorial board can verify. Failure to comply with this, and other relevant copyright rules and etiquette may result in a ban from the inclusion of your works in this edition and future volumes of NUN.
  • Works that are inspired by other fanworks, but not necessarily a copy or a reworking, must still provide proper attribution to the original creator. Kindly include the handle/email of the original creator so that they may also be properly credited.

Written works:

  • Puns, fanfics, drabbles, poetry, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and the like
  • For fanfiction: one-shots only, no multi-chapters. Fanfiction submitted should not already be published on AO3 or on any other fanfiction archival site.
  • Up to 1000 words (excluding the title) as a text file.
  • By submitting, you are giving permission to the editorial board to edit your work for typographical errors, spelling, and basic grammar.
  • Must be holiday-themed.


  • Fan art, art associated with another fan work, comics, commissioned pieces, memes, photo edits, and the like.
  • Please submit your work as a .png file with maximum quality. If the file is too big, contact us and we’ll sort something out.
  • Please use the necessary watermarks/signatures.
  • Must be holiday-themed.


  • What is a fanzine?

A fanzine, which is a combination of the words fan + magazine, as the name implies, is a NUN-official publication typically produced by fans of a show, movie, band, sports team etc. A fanzine is typically devoted to a subculture or a particular interest that is shared by its contributors and creators. It is a curated and coherent compendium of works by the fans, for the fans. This special edition of NUN is dedicated to the holidays that halo bearers celebrate around the world!

  • Why make NUN: A Very Halo Holiday?

The holidays are associated with the gathering of friends and family. That is precisely what the Warrior Nun fandom has grown into – a global family kept apart in all but spirits. The internet is our table, and we serve the food in our own feast by creating, collaborating, and producing fan works about this show we love for the enjoyment and sustenance of halo bearers starving for content. And because the holidays is not a season to go hungry, Volume 2 of NUN is about the holidays you observe wherever you are, celebrated halo bearer style! 

NUN: A Very Halo Holiday is our menu, cooked, prepared, tasted, and curated by you!

  • What holidays are covered in this special edition of the fanzine?

We don’t stop at Christmas and the turkey. For volume 2 of NUN, we are putting on our Carl costumes and going trick or treating around the world. We want to learn about the holidays that YOU celebrate. The zine welcomes Warrior Nun fanworks inspired by ANY holiday celebrated AROUND THE WORLD that falls from 31 October up to 6 January.

  • May we submit works in languages aside from English?

We would love to share a toast in different tongues! For this special edition of NUN, we accept works in English, Portuguese, and Filipino. We are currently limited to these three languages due to the composition of the editorial board. If you wish to submit your work that is in a language not mentioned, shoot us a DM, and let’s see if we can work something out.

  • Is the fanzine free? 

Like Volume 1 of NUN, NUN: A Very Halo Holiday will be free for digital download once it is launched during the halo bearers holiday party at the end of the year.

  • How come I cannot submit my one-shot that I published on AO3?

AO3, as its name goes, is an internet archive. Fanfiction published in internet archives are readily available for fans that are willing to filter through tags. We want this special, holiday-themed edition of the zine to be one of a kind because the fandom is special. This is why we are only accepting new works of fiction.

  • But why could I still submit drabbles and works of flash fiction even if I already tweeted them? And why are previously posted fan arts accepted?

In relation to the question above, as an example, Twitter, unlike AO3, is not an archive. Since we are a growing fandom that has always been welcoming, it would be harder for fans, especially newer ones, to go through all of the tweets to find a specific piece. The same goes for fan arts. 

  • Will this Zine be available for a physical copy?

Not this time around.

  • I love the zine soooooo much. May I print out the Zine or any part of it?

No, sorry! The contributors of the zine own copyright over their respective works, thus, no part of the zine may be reproduced in any manner without the prior consent of the creators.

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