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UBS Podcast HotD 1×06 Review – The Babe Won’t Come

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Julia, Kylie, and Caroline are thrust forward in time 10 years where they discuss engorgement, dig up Criston Cole’s 4chan posts, and shout “polycule” repeatedly.

Listen below, subscribe/listen on iTunes (the newest episode is updated in the app, even if not on the site yet), subscribe to our RSS feed, search for “Unabashed Book Snobbery” in any podcast app, or download an MP3 of the episode here (go to ‘show all’).

The intro & outro saltarello is performed by Stary Olsa from their album “Liep​š​aje (The Best​)​”, which is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Episode Breakdown:

  • 0:00 – Intro & episode recap
  • 7:15 – Rhaenyra takes a lovely stroll
  • 15:30 – The “we want to bang Rhaenyra” repression club
  • 22:40 – How to train your dragon
  • 34:30 – The Alicent in the room
  • 47:15 – The babe won’t come
  • 1:10:55 – Criston Cole gets punched in the face
  • 1:30:30 – Larys is eating her pie
  • 1:40:22 – Highlighs & lowlights

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