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red ubongo case with playing card and multiple pieces scattered about


Ubongo The Brain Game to Go Provides Endless Fun

Here at The Fandomentals we’re big fans of the Ubongo puzzle game franchise from Thames and Kosmos. We’ve already reviewed the fun-size edition and the 3D version. Over spring break, I got to try the portable version, Ubongo The Brain Game on the Go with my cousins.

Though the game is solo player, you can take turns or do really whatever you want to when you play! Its portability makes it perfect for kids on a plane or on a long road trip.

What’s in the Box?

Like its predecessors, the game comes with multiple puzzle cards and the pieces that you need to fill each card.

Since this version is portable it comes in a sturdy case with the 20 cards (including 5 variations on each side) in the top partition, and 15 plastic pieces in a drawer that slides out when needed. The colorful puzzle pieces are more tactile which is super helpful for younger kids. It is frustrating to see more plastic but hopefully in future versions they’ll use other products.

How’s it Play?

Playing the game is simple. Each card has 5 variations of three pieces. You’re to only use those three pieces to the specific area outlined on each side of the card. My cousins took it to another level and started to just fit together different pieces at their whim. It worked on some cards, but not others, so that’s a fun challenge to try yourself when you make it through all 200 puzzles.

ubongo puzzle pieces next to the playing card inside the case
Here you get one green, and two purple pieces.
The Verdict?

Like the other games in the Ubongo franchise, this game was just as fun and goes really quickly, with each game requiring five minutes max before you figure out which piece goes where. Since the container is small and easy to use, you can carry it pretty much anywhere without worrying about the drawer opening and puzzle pieces going everywhere. You can pick the game up at Thames and Kosmos or Amazon for $14.95, comparable to the rest of the Ubongo games.

Images and review copy courtesy of Thames and Kosmos

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