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The 2021 Carol Awards

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Guess what’s back! The world has been pretty chaotic for some time now and unlike our fellow awards who just postponed their ceremonies, we canceled The Carol Awards entirely.

Well after another year of utter ridiculousness especially in the world of media, we thought it was only fair to bring back our favorite awards for the best of the best! Well, best of the worst. Worst of the best? Up to you how you take it. Either way, we’re highlighting premium Dramatic Satisfaction in media.

This year we’ve got six different awards to hand out: Worst Series Finale, Worst Costuming, Worst Plot Armor, Worst Reboot Idea, Worst Nepotism Casting in TV or Film, and Worst Hollywood Business Decision, as well as a bonus award detailed near the end.

Without further ado!

Worst Series Finale

  • The 100
  • Supernatural
  • Loki
  • Kim’s Convenience
  • Falcon and the Winter Solder

And the Golden Carol goes to…

Worst Series Finale Winner is Supernatural

Worst Costuming

  • Arrowverse
  • Cursed
  • Emily in Paris
  • The Spanish Princess

And the Golden Carol goes to…

Worst Costuming Winner is Emily in Paris

Worst Plot Armor

  • Lena Luthor (Supergirl)
  • June (A Handmaid’s Tale)
  • Sylvie (Loki)

And the Golden Carol goes to…

Worst Plot Armor is June from The Handmaid's Tale

Worst Reboot Idea

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Gossip Girl
  • Lost
  • Mario
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Sex and the City (aka And Just Like That…)

And the Golden Carol goes to…

Worst Reboot Idea Winner is The Powerpuff Girls

Worst Nepotism Casting (TV or Film)

  • Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen)
  • Hero Fiennes Tiffin (After Film Series)
  • Kaia Gerber (American Horror Stories)
  • Kate Siegal (Midnight Mass)

And the Golden Carol goes to…

Worst Nepotism Casting in TV or Film Winner is Ben Platt for Dear Evan Hansen

Worst Hollywood Business Decision

  • Keeping the Golden Globes Alive
  • Lack of Safety on Film Sets
  • Not Negotiating with IATSE Until the Last Minute

And the Golden Carol goes to…

Worst Hollywood Business Decision is the Lack of Safety on Filming Sets

Though in all seriousness, this has been a problem since filming was a thing and it shouldn’t take people f*cking dying for the needle to be moved a fraction in the right direction. Shame on you, Hollywood.

The Johnny Cardboard Lifetime Achievement Award

As bland and uninspired as its namesake.

This is a new award, deliberated on and decided by our editorial staff to highlight a truly special level of hell: D&D levels of awful. Without further ado, here is the winner for 2021

Johnny Cardboard Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Copaganda.

See resources on why copaganda is a problem here, here, and here. We have also resolved to be more critical in our media reviews and consumption when covering mediums that could fall into this category, as seen with our recaps of the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Thanks for joining us in this year’s Carol Awards, your best in Dramatic Satisfaction. All the winners, please go backstage to pick up your awards… we’re sure you’re all quite proud of yourselves.

Images courtesy of Netflix, the CW, Hulu, Universal Pictures, NBC

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