Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Fodder Files – Homeward Bound

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While it looks like Angie survived… whatever that was that happened, she’s not keen on sharing with the group just yet. Meanwhile, Sam is apparently deathly afraid of fireworks. Who knew?

And yet 2022 Angie is right around the corner…
Help. I told CeCe I'd go to the NYE party.

You? Texting real words? That's like Defcon 5.

Okay, but really. You never text like a normal person. What could possibly freak you out this bad?
They're gonna have fireworks, Luisa.

OMG, Sam. Seriously?
They're portable weapons of mass destruction!

SAM. Nobody says you have to go near them.
We're all going to die. Fight the good fight for me against Rongie.

Don't tell them I call them that.

Sam, I am begging you. Just get a drink and chill TF down.

Just ONE night!
What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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