Sunday, June 23, 2024

Fan-Driven Save Warrior Nun Campaign Still Going Strong

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Over a month and a half since Netflix canceled the Warrior Nun series after its second season, fans campaigning for renewal are still gaining steam.

Social Media

Arguably the most vocal avenue for fans of the show, numbers keep climbing as the fandom campaign continues with a scheduled series of unique hashtags trending nearly every day. These have ranged from the silly to statements such as Netflix Fix Your Mistake.

This particular campaign has seen growing media coverage as more and more eyeballs see the trending tags.

Still, the most popular tag, #SaveWarriorNun continues to climb, hitting 8 million tweets as of yesterday.

Additionally, fans have endeavored to increase visibility on the popular platform, TikTok and have racked up over 1 billion views.


Another avenue of visibility fans have pursued is real-world “advertising”.

One group of fans launched a GoFundMe campaign, and as a result, purchased a billboard nearby the Los Angeles Netflix headquarters.

Other fans have taken a more evangelistic approach and designed flyer and postcard campaigns.

Politician James Thompson, a vocal supporter of the show’s renewal, helped publicize the postcard drive, which encourages fans to download the design, print it off, and mail it in themselves.

Meanwhile, other fans have printed out flyers to hand out and post, complete with QR codes for the curious to scan and learn more about the ongoing campaign.

As buzz continues to grow (the fans received an unintentional boost last week when the new Netflix CEO stated that they had never canceled a successful show, which caused controversy in many fandoms, not just Warrior Nun), the show creators continued to interact with the cast, do interviews, and generally cheer the efforts on.

As they wait for events to play out behind the scenes, the fans continue to target other platforms they hope might have interest in a show with a very vocal and extremely active fanbase such as Amazon Prime and Apple TV+, while also organizing seasonal rewatches of the existing series to bring new fans into the show.

As of yesterday, the petition had received over 111k signatures.

While aware that nothing is a given, it seems this group of fans is digging deep and are willing to stay the course until the bitter (or sweet) end.

Image courtesy of Netflix

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