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After a Cancellation, Fans Rally to Save Their Show with #SaveWarriorNun Campaign

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After Netflix unceremoniously dropped season two of Warrior Nun with no promotion, showrunner Simon Davis announced the series’ cancellation just over a month later to fans’ dismay.

As we detailed earlier, the show’s cancellation plays into a larger trend in recent years of losing shows with a particular focus on LGBTQ characters and shows that focus on diversity in front of, and behind, the camera.

However, Warrior Nun fans aren’t taking this cancellation news lying down and have mounted a campaign to save their show.

“Save our show” campaigns typically have mixed results. While some high-profile saves such as Chuck, Lucifer, One Day at a Time, and the Expanse have seen beloved series saved for at least one more season, other shows have been left to join the tv/streaming graveyard.

However, this group of fans isn’t giving up hope any time soon, and has mounted a very active and organized effort to get at least one more season of their beloved show.

Social Media

Perhaps the biggest noise the Warrior Nun fandom has made has been in social media spheres, particularly on Twitter. Hashtags of #WarriorNun, #SaveWarriorNun, and more have had remarkable longevity on the platform, not to mention virality. In less than a month, #SaveWarriorNun has racked up over 5 million tweets.

Furthermore, Simon Berry, and other creatives involved in the series have been engaged with the show’s fans, encouraging and signal boosting their efforts.

William Miller, who plays fan-favorite villain, Adriel, has also lent his time in interacting with the show’s fans and encouraging their tweeting.

And it’s not just US audiences. Fans around the world have been adding to the Twitter efforts, also getting phrases such as “For All Nunkind” and “They Can’t Beat Us” to trend in several countries.

Additionally, fans of the show come from areas where one might not expect and have also used their voices to express their dismay or to ask for a renewal.

One fan, in particular, is James Thompson, an Army veteran, civil rights attorney, and two-time Democratic congressional nominee from Kansas. Thompson has tweeted regularly, tagging other networks, celebrities, and politicians in the campaign to save the show.

Fans have also utilized platforms such as TikTok, racking up millions of views.


It’s not just social media that fans are investing their efforts in. What began with outrage turned into a full-scale organized campaign as fans from all walks of life pulled their resources and experiences together to brainstorm ways to bring attention to the show. Furthermore, they keep each other updated with regular reports on what metrics/stats they’ve reached throughout the week

This has included efforts from tracking data and putting together professional-quality marketing packets, complete with metrics that other networks might be interested in (particularly with the show’s reach even with literally a zero-dollar promotional budget), and fundraising to raise billboards and send bouquets to networks.

The delivery to Netflix also included a copy of the open letter Warrior Nun fans penned after the cancellation announcement.

Fans have also regularly shared a petition to renew the show for a third season created on that has amassed over 100k signatures in less than a month.

While the future is still uncertain, Warrior Nun fans understand that they’re going to be in this effort for the long haul, and seem committed to doing everything in their power to save their show.

Image courtesy of Netflix

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