Product Review: Gunnar Optics Fallout 33 Limited Edition Specs


Good morning, Vault Dwellers, and Fallout fanatics! Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to be able to read my Pip Boy messages while sitting under the warm, envigorating rays of the Vault-Tec Atrium Solar Simulation Unit without having to squint”? When hard at work at your Official Robco terminal, do you sometimes experience eye strain or headaches from the comforting, fluttering flicker of the monochrome monitor and the fluorescent overhead lights in vault work areas? Would you like to be able to go from work to play with a single pair of spectacular spectacles? You’re in luck!

Just in time for the release of Fallout on Amazon Prime, Gunnar Optics has brought out the Fallout Vault 33 Edition computer glasses for fashionable protection against the perils of screen time. These fashionable blue light computer glasses take inspiration from both the 1940s fashion of our world and the Fallout series.

The amber tint model, which our Vault-Tec science experts conducted thorough stress and environmental testing on over the past fortnight, features an olive green metal frame that is flexible but sturdy, with spring-loaded ear pieces that stay put where you want them to. The glasses feel light but strong, with a comfortable fit even for a smaller face. The lenses are thick and strong, and feature an anti-glare coating as well as 100% UV and blue light protection. The non-prescription lenses also feature mild magnification, to aid in reducing eye strain.

Included in the package are a beautiful Vault 33 metal glasses case modeled after the vault chests of Fallout 4, Vault 33 cleaning cloth, and Vault Boy cloth protective case. You will be the envy of your research team with this snazzy matching set. These glasses also feature a two-year warranty, so you can rest easy on your investment. Whether buying for yourself or your favorite Vault-Tec collector in your life, you can’t go wrong with this $99.00 set of fashionable, durable, and practical pair of computer glasses.

In terms of user experience, these glasses are light on the face and comfortable, and the smudge resistance works fairly well. Outdoors, the anti-glare coating really shines, making phone screens and small print much easier to read in direct sunlight or under very bright fluorescents. For fans of New Vegas, these glasses provide the perfect filter to live out your courier dreams. The color is warm but not too dark, providing good light protection even in strong sunlight without sacrificing clarity. The soft tint also allows wear in low-light situations where you want protection from bright lights but cannot wear a darker lens.

While the anti-glare coating works well in fully lit environments, it, unfortunately, will catch bright lights from behind in a low light environment. If you find yourself working in a dimly lit computer bank, you may have some serious trouble here, but this is a fairly minor quibble about an otherwise well-performing product. They make a great addition to any Fallout superfan’s collection, especially cosplayers searching for an authentic-looking accessory to add to their arsenal.

Gunnar Optics provides a wide range of lens and style options for many of their products, including prescription lenses and transition coatings. Whatever your eyewear needs, Gunnar Optics, much like Vault Tec, is happy to cater to what makes you SPECIAL.

The first run of these amazing spectacles has sold out, but not to worry! The next round has been put up for pre-sale. Follow the link here to explore all the options available, as well as many other quality eyewear products. And remember, Vault Dwellers: America lives on… In you! Accessorize accordingly. 

Images courtesy of Gunnar Optics, author

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