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Odd Representation and Whitewashing on The Fandomentalist

Gretchen, Julia, and Kylie can’t contain their enthusiasm about representation they didn’t know they needed.

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Episode Breakdown:

  • 0:00 – Fandom News
  • 20:15 – Random but important representation
  • 44:45 – Adaptational maxim #5 No Whitewashing Allowed

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Kylie is a Managing Editor at The Fandomentals on a mission to slay all the tropes. She has a penchant for complex familial dynamics and is easily pleased when authors include in-depth business details.


Julia is a Managing Editor at The Fandomentals with far too many hobbies and complex emotions. She may or may not be an actual Martell.

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Bi, she/her. Gretchen is a Managing Editor for the Fandomentals. An unabashed nerdy fangirl and aspiring sci/fi and fantasy author, she has opinions about things like media, representation, and ethics in storytelling.
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  • Caleb

    So for me, the odd rep I want more of is Genderfluid rep. Specifically man to woman Genderfluid, don’t get me wrong I love it when there’s any rep period (such as Naoto from Persona 4 [Genderfluid born woman]). But it’s so very rare to see a man in media put on women’s clothes and have it not be a joke. It’s upsetting to me that I have to headcanon my own rep out of characters I see. Like I headcanon J’onn J’onnz (Supergirl TV) as being Genderfluid (“The skirt was surprisingly comfortable”), and that’s a tricky thing because the poor guy is already rep for so many other people (Jews, African Americans, Refugees, etc.), I feel like I’m invading him/what he means to people with my own headcanon.

    I wish I could think of another Genderfluid character (that isn’t a headcanon) and I just can’t at the moment. Steven Universe? Maybe? From what I’ve seen of the show (I haven’t watched it) he’s always identifying as a boy, even when he’s wearing a dress and doing a musical number, he’s a boy. Again, we can headcanon, but that’s not the same thing. Before someone says it, Stevonnie is non-binary, which is awesome, but not the same thing (in my mind anyway).

    I don’t know, I hate to be a downer in the comments, but this is something that I wish had been in my life from a younger age. If I’d seen a Genderfluid character back when I was seven and wondering what it’d be like to be a girl, I know I’d have felt better about talking to my parents about it. As it stands I repressed that part of myself as weird, and am only now, at the age of 27, coming to terms with it.

  • rara

    The BBC is looking for a new Doctor Who according to the Mirror who is ‘a dashing man in his 30’s’. If this is true it is literally everything I don’t want.

  • Elsa

    Great podcat. I really like the topic: So I want to see more of these things:
    Aromantic characters: I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a well done represantation of an aromantic person in a TV show, movie or book. If there are representations of people who don’t experience romatic attractions it’s portrayed as a form of mental illness or as something wrong. The character might be shown as not being interested in any form of relationships like friendship or family relatonship. Which is wrong. Aromantics can have very meaningful friendships and love their family members, we are just not interested in romantic relationships and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Characters who are voluntarily childless and happy: Nearly none of my friends or family members understands why I don’t want to have children. They all tell me that this is gonna change, that having children is wonderful, etc. This might be the case for many people, but there are others who just don’t want children and are happy without having children. Being voluntarly childless is often stigmatised and few people understand why someone does not want to have children. I hope a better representation of people who are voluntarily childless would help create a better acceptance of people who deceide against having children.

    If anyone knows a TV show, book or movie that has a good representation of eiher of these things please let me know.

  • Fyodor

    Apologies in advance for gushing again about this movie, but the discussion on adapting Fanny Price from Mansfield Park was just too good an opportunity. Aside from being one of my favourite adaptations of Austen, Metropolitan also has, for my money, the best version of Fanny Price.

    Needless to say, I’d like to see more representation of bourgeois literature nerds.

  • Ais

    I really enjoyed this podcast! It was quite relevant to things I’ve been thinking about lately. One form of representation I wish I had seen as a kid, specifically, is literary characters who do not like to read/are not good at reading. I think this is important for kids, especially for kids who were like me. I’m dyslexic and while I loved stories and books, I felt intimidated by them. I understand why authors are more likely to write about Hermiones than Rons. They relate more to writers and many readers do too.

    Last year, I tutored a 5th grade girl in Reading. She read at a second grade level and it was obvious that she was embarrassed by it and resented going to tutoring. She eventually warmed up to me and improved so much of the course of the year, due in part to one of the books we read which was about a little girl who had difficulty reading. We read that book three or four times that year. She saw herself in the girl in the book and I think at her age I would have too.

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  • I’m catching up on a backlog of podcasts this week so this comment is late but two other positive representations of polyamory I’ve found are the movie Savages and the first few episodes of House of Cards. It sucks that the only decent examples of the kind of relationship in which I function best that aren’t in Black Sails are in a mediocre action movie and a show with writing so bad I had to quit after maybe four episodes, but seeing how recent these examples are makes me optimistic for more and better representation in the future.

    Another rare piece of representation that I didn’t know I needed was in the Deadpool comics. Although I haven’t reread them in years, I remember them as having a fairly good representation of pansexuality (he calls it something like ‘omnisexuality’ but functionally it’s the same thing).