Friday, September 29, 2023

NorthStar Game Studio To Publish Two New Games From Hong Kong Publisher ICE Makes

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NorthStar Game Studio, publisher of titles such as Evolution, Oceans and Paint the Roses announced today a new partnership with Hong Kong publisher ICE Makes.

Founder Dominic Crapuchettes had this to say: “NorthStar designs intuitive board games and publishes them with beautiful art and componentry. We’ve partnered with ICE Makes because they have the same design aesthetic. They are creating worlds we want to explore. I can’t wait to introduce these games to a wider audience.”

Eila and Something Shiny is a story-rich game set in a mystical world. Players take on the role of Eila, solving puzzles, managing resources, and overcoming challenges through underground perilous mazes and harsh snowy highlands. Experience an immersive story told across 5 chapters with stunning art, illustrated comics and a branching storyline, where players’ choices determine the game’s ending.

After a successful Kickstarter launch, Eila and Something Shiny has hundreds of reviews on industry website BoardGameGeek with an average rating of 8.1. “We were blown away by Eila and Something Shiny. It combines simple but strategic gameplay with an emotional story we couldn’t stop talking about. We immediately knew this was a game we wanted to share with our fans.” states Dominic Crapuchettes.

Inheritors, is a small box card game that provides a big game experience. The king is dead and as his heirs, players must seek influence among five clans, spy on their competitors, and tip the courts in their favor in a closely fought contest where the winner will achieve the highest prize of all, their rightful seat on the throne.

Dominic was immediately impressed. “Creating a small, elegant, and highly replayable game is a tricky artform. Inheritors packs real strategic depth into a box small enough to take anywhere.”

Both Eila and Something Shiny and Inheritors will be released into retail this August, and available to demo during GenCon 2023 at NorthStar Booth #423.

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