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New Amsterdam Season 4 Finale Recap

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Season 4 of New Amsterdam came to an eventual end that saw the team deal with a hurricane and many other intense things. 

Spoilers ahead! Read with caution! 

The characters had to deal with extreme situations. 

Max and Helen: Helen was supposed to come to New York so that she and Max could get married in front of their friends. Amid the hurricane, Max sends texts to Helen which go unanswered, and her flight shows up as unrecorded. While this is happening, Max must get a man with a life-threatening hip injury on a kidney dialysis machine because his kidneys are starting to fail. They have to walk through the hurricane to get to another level because elevators stopped working.

They did not use the stairs because there was a carbon monoxide leak. They get to the dialysis machine successfully. Max eventually gets a text from Helen saying she’d call him later. At the end of the episode, the New Amsterdam crew decorates the hospital roof so they would get married there. Max receives a call from Helen. While crying, she says she can’t get married. The episode ends when Max tells everyone Helen is not coming. She was still in London.

Lauren and Leyla: as they try to prepare for the impending destruction of the hurricane, a man brings in a woman and says she’s having stomach problems. She is pregnant it’s an ectopic pregnancy. While looking at the patient, Lauren sees a branding label tattooed on her and realizes this patient is being sex trafficked. Lauren and Leyla both work to get this woman away from the man and succeed. After hooking up yet again in the penultimate episode, a cute spark between Lauren and Leyla happens, but Lauren begins to realize something. Money is a driving force in their relationship. While Leyla’s Visa situation continues, Lauren will let her live at her house for however long she needs to. Check out our past recap which talks about their relationship.

Iggy and Martin: their marriage is obviously on the brink of ending. This episode was the final nail in the coffin. Iggy tells Martin he only wanted to be with him because he wanted to save Iggy, not because he was good-looking. Martin takes offense and tells Iggy he always likes to play the victim. When the hurricane hits, Iggy sees that Lauren is trying to find someone to lead the hospital emergency response team, he takes over and ends up being damn good at it after a few hiccups.

After the hurricane is over, Martin is in New Amsterdam and sees Iggy and runs into his arms. Iggy says he led the emergency response team, much to Martin’s displeasure. Iggy then also says that Martin’s voice was holding him back and he can’t be who he wants to be with him throughout the ordeal. Martin tells him to move out.

Floyd: Floyd was on a mission to reconnect with his estranged father. While the hurricane was sweeping through, Floyd visited his estranged father. A resident who lives with Floyd’s father is severely injured, so his father helps him by re-inserting her protruding rib. When Floyd leaves, his father asks him to call him with recommendations for shoulder doctors, leaving the door open for potential reconciliation between each other.

An otherwise well-done season finale filled with everything you want in a season finale, it fell flat right at the end. Helen is a character who has always been loyal. A person with a great heart. She always has been there for Max and is in love with him. To make her suddenly back out of the most meaningful moment of their relationship with no explanation was ridiculous.

They did this cliffhanger that makes Helen seem villainous when she’s been through so much and was finally getting a happy ending. It made no sense. Did her mother die? Did she suddenly get second thoughts? We don’t know. It’s just over. 

That cliffhanger leaves the door wide open for a drama-filled season 5. Will next season pick up right where this season left off? Will we immediately get answers? Will it be dragged out? I guess we have to wait and see. 

Image courtesy of Ralph Bavaro and NBC

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