Friday, June 21, 2024

Ms. Marvel Won’t Join Inhumans

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KamalaKorps fans rejoice! Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will not be a part of the current ABC/Marvel vehicle Inhumans. While some might be sad that we still have a wait to see a live-action version of everyone’s favorite Pakistani-American teenage hero from Jersey City, I have to say; this is not the show for her to debut on. Much has been said about the seemingly doomed Inhumans short run series from Marvel. What originally started as a movie announcement along with Black Panther and Captain Marvel never moved past the concept stage.

Not wanting to completely scrap the idea, especially after ABC’s Agents of SHIELD did most of the heavy lifting in introducing who Inhumans are, Marvel shifted their focus to television and ABC, ordering a sort of mini-series event for the inhabitants of Attilan. And it’s mostly been bad news ever since. Even with announcements of casting actors like Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels), Ken Leung (The Night Shift), and Serinda Swan (Graceland), every sneak peek shown to audiences was greeted with mounting skepticism.

Of the many complaints was the show’s lacklustre trailer, costumes that many pointed out looked like generic cosplay, Medusa’s hair looking like an obviously fake, limp wig, and the sets for Attilan being surprisingly underwhelming for a Marvel production that’s given us the likes of Asgard and the soon to be released Wakanda (from Black Panther). Take all of this and combine it with the disastrous IMAX box office results for the first two episode release (See one of the problems? Is this a movie event or a television show?), and many have already called that Inhumans will be Marvel’s first true flop.

Top: An Inhuman Queen. Bottom: An Inhuman needing a better hair treatment.

Coincidentally, the overall “man in charge” for Inhumans is the same person who gave us the first season of Iron Fist on Netflix. Scott Buck was removed as showrunner for season two, though Marvel was quick to establish this was for scheduling reasons and not feedback from Iron Fist’s critics. What will happen with Buck after the Inhumans disaster obviously remains to be seen.

Though Ms. Marvel will not appear on Inhumans, Marvel execs haven’t ruled out the possibility that we’ll be graced with her presence in the future. Over on The Hashtag Show, Joseph Loeb said in an interview that while there were no current plans to introduce Kamala, it didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen. Potential introductions, later on, could feasibly include working Kamala in on Agents of SHIELD (which has an established track record with Inhumans, and whose leading lady, Quake, is one herself), or in phase 4 of Marvel’s MCU plan, after the shakeup of Avengers: Infinity War.

Wherever she may wind up, one thing remains imperative. Please, please, please let her rescue Lockjaw from Inhumans. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Images courtesy of Marvel/ABC

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