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Most Anticipated TTRPG Of 2022

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Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

Publisher: Magpie Games

We’ve been hyped about this one for a while (I personally backed it on Kickstarter Day 1 because I’m an excellent mark), and it’s without a doubt one of the biggest releases in the tabletop sphere in a long time. Not only is it adapting a property that is utterly beloved by the exact age groups at the core of TTPRG, it’s doing it at a time when the Avatar universe is in a bit of a renaissance. Between the live action show and Paramount’s big investment in Avatar Studios, it’s a great time to be a fan. Magpie’s got a great track record of games (their Root RPG only barely didn’t make the cut for this list) and they’ve got an awesome sandbox set up to play in with multiple eras to set stories in and all kinds of iconic characters to meet and learn from. The core book will run for about $50 though there will be a lot of potential addons as well if you’re so inclined. Thanks to shipping delays, the current estimated release is set for Summer 2022, though you can try out the Quickstart Rules now.

Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast

Publisher: Possum Creek Games

Possum Creek might be the most successful indie to come out of the insanely innovative design space thanks to well written and often cozy games like Wanderhome and Sleepaway. Yazaba’s looks to continue in line with their design philosophy as a “slice of life” RPG set at a cozy bed and breakfast. If you want a game that really challenges what a TTRPG can be as well as just meet some fun and cute critters, sign up to get ready for their March 22 launch on IndieGogo.

Coyote & Crow

Publisher: Coyote & Crow LLC

The tabletop sphere has been having a struggle with colonial themes lately. You may have seen it (or not, probably not worth the psychic damage). Anyway, Coyote & Crow is part of a new wave of games produced by folks from marginalized communities that represent their history and culture in the same way European Fantasy has for us white folks for a long time. It was crazy successful on Kickstarter thanks to its unique sc-fi fantasy setting in a future where the Americas were never colonized and the Indigenous nations were able to thrive. In a world rebuilt from the ashes of disaster, you’ll start in the metropolis of Cahokia (a real life pre-Columbian city) and grapple with the complex nations of the world as well as monsters and myths from around the fire. The PDF can be bought now but the physical release is set for March 2022!


Publisher: Free League Publishing

I love Mork Borg. Just absolutely love it. I’m sure I’ll write a full gush about it sometime soon. But in the mean time, I’m excited for this release, which spins off the blackened heavy metal weirdness of the original into a cyberpunk future. It’s rules light and hard as nails like the original but now applying that to the post-human, late capitalist, neon-drenched world of the retro-future. You can pre-order a copy now with a full release set for later this year.

Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Game

Publisher: Sinister Beard Games

I will not apologize for having two “punk” games in the same list, nor will I apologize for having so many aggressively queer games. Extreme Meatpunks Forever is a batshit crazy biopunk RPG spinning off of the original game from Heather Flowers. In my chat with Oli from Sinister Beard, we got deep into how many cool things you can do here. Make a big meat suit, pilot it, fight things, beat up space future nazis, be gay. What else do you want? Nothing, that’s what. Go check it out and get ready for a release soon!

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