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Master The Politics Of Dune In New Supplement ‘Power & Pawns: The Emperor’s Court’

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Modiphius Entertainment today launched pre-orders for the latest product in their best-selling Dune: Adventures in the Imperium tabletop roleplaying game line —Power and Pawns: The Emperor’s Court. This newest supplement for the top-selling 2D20 tabletop role-playing game will offer politically minded players new options on a galactic scale, while also giving them chances to play as new character types, including the feared Sardaukar. Power and Pawns will also feature a new adventure and tips for players and gamemasters to help them make the most of more politics-focused games.

Power & Pawns: The Emperor's Court book

In the universe of Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, there is no higher power than the Emperor, leader of House Corrino, but the more power and wealth he has, the more his ambition grows. To make an ally of House Corrino is to ally with the force that controls the Known Universe. Those in the Emperor’s grace can wield unspeakable power, as long as they never forget where it comes from.

But beyond Kaitain, beyond Arrakis, beyond your House, lie countless other orders and factions, each with their own agenda and specialist skills. The deadly Ginaz swordmasters, the despicable Tleilaxu, and the noble Suk school might each be an ally if you know how to offer them the right price.

Power & Pawns: The Emperor's Court book

Power and Pawns: The Emperor’s Court is a complete 144-page supplement that lays bare the secrets of the Imperium as well as a host of new factions and campaign options to bring your Dune: Adventures in the Imperium game to the next level. No longer mere agents of your House, now you are its rulers, and with this wealth and power comes a host of new duties, enemies, and opportunities, if you know where to look.

Power & Pawns: The Emperor's Court navigators

Power and Pawns: The Emperor’s Court includes:

  • An in-depth look at the Emperor’s Court and the Imperial homeworld of Kaitain, life at court, and the entertainment and distractions available on the most beautiful planet in the Known Universe
  • A look at the brutal Sardaukar, the deadliest fighters in the Imperium, and how to use them as player characters with a host of new abilities
  • The secrets of the Tleilaxu are laid bare, including the option to use Face Dancers as player characters and new options for Mentats.
  • An array of new talents and skills for graduates of the Ginaz sword school and the Suk medical school, including six new Drive options for any character
  • A host of detail for the gamemaster on running political campaigns and creating complex intrigues
  • Notes for players with ambition detailing how they can take control of their House or take a role within it, and destroy the reputation of those in their way, be they ally or enemy.
  • A complete adventure — ‘Blood and Riches’ where the player characters must negotiate a tense conflict between two great Houses that might plunge the Imperium into war.

Visit the Modiphius store page [US] [UK] for more info!

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