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Looney Labs Announces Newest Addition To Looney Pyramids Collection With JINXX

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Looney Labs has announced a new game in their Looney Pyramids collection. On May 3rd, JINXX will join their collection of titles that use their Looney Pyramids pieces to create abstract strategy challenges for gamers.


JINXX, one of six Looney Pyramid titles currently in print, is an abstract strategy game for 2-4 players, featuring stacking pyramids in three sizes and four striking monochromatic colors: black, white, gray, and clear. In JINXX, players jockey for position on a tiny 3×3 board, using pyramid size and die roll to determine possible moves. Should you attempt to capture an opponent’s piece, or try to better position your own pieces while avoiding elimination? This mid-level strategy game will not only get your brain in gear, but have you giggling at the tough spots you get yourself in while trying to come out on top. JINXX comes in a travel-sized box, and contains the rules for a bonus game that can be played with the same pieces: Hijinks!

“The colorful plastic Looney Pyramids are conceptually similar to a deck of playing cards, said Kristin Looney, CEO and co-founder of Looney Labs, “If you have a set of these pyramids in your bag, you’ll always have a game to play! With the addition of the gray pyramids in JINXX this May, there are currently 15 colors of Looney Pyramids available.”

JINXX contents

More About the Looney Pyramids System

Created in 1987, these multi-purpose game pieces have led to numerous abstract strategy games, and even a few party games! For decades, the games created using Looney Pyramids have brought folks together with simple rules and exciting game play. The pyramids come in 3 sizes, referred to as Small, Medium, and Large pieces, and are available in a plethora of colors. The games range from easy to complex, from mostly luck to pure skill, and from time-killer to brain-burner.

“The concept of the pyramids was invented in the summer of 1987, when I wrote a short story called Icehouse. An imaginary game played with small colorful pyramids mentioned in that story inspired my friend, John Cooper, and I to create a real-life version of the game. The rest is history – all leading to the newly released JINXX!” – Andrew Looney, Game Designer and co-founder of Looney Labs

  • There are hundreds of different pyramid games and more are being invented all the time. Whichever game you start with is always just the beginning.
  • There’s an active fanbase for players of pyramid games, who are known as Starship Captains. To gain this title, you need to learn at least ten games, then make a list of your favorites, ranked by desire to play.
  • Pyramid Arcade is the big boxed set of Looney Pyramids that includes 90 pyramids and everything you need to play 22 games. It’s a full library of games in one box!
  • JINXX joins the four small boxed sets (Nomids, Martian Chess, Ice Duo, and Homeworlds) called the Pyramid Quartet. Each focuses on a single game (or two, in the case of Ice Duo) with the four sets in the series providing a range of game complexities as well as different combinations of pyramids.
  • Start with the Pyramid Arcade boxed set or a single small boxed set. You can always expand your collection later.
  • The more pyramids you have, the more different games you can play!

JINXX hits stores on May 3rd and can be picked up at Looney’s store or at your FLGS at an MSRP if $22.00.

Images via Looney Labs

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