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‘Camping Fluxx’ Is What You Can Expect When Camping

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Fluxx has been around since 1997, with a wide variety of thematic changes to the games to fit different themes. Camping Fluxx is the newest addition to the Looney Labs family. I must say, with its portable size and on-point theme, its crazy it took 27 years to get this edition because its everything a camper wants. Camping Fluxx is a card game of ever changing rules where players need to collect specific cards to complete the current goal. The goal and rules change throughout the game, and its up to you to turn things around to you to get specific cards out there for you to win the game.

What’s in the Box?

  • 100 Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
Camping Fluxx cover art

How’s it Play?

This game is just like other Fluxx games except the theme is camping. Let me explain further: the game starts with just a couple rules, but it can gradually change with new rules added by players. There is no way to win at first until someone plays a goal card. Each goal card is different, but they require a player to collect cards called keepers. As soon as a player has the listed keepers that match the current goal, that player wins. 

Each player starts with a hand of 3 cards, and the basic rules start with drawing 1 card and playing 1 card. Depending on the card you play, things will soon change.

Camping Fluxx setup

If you play a yellow card, you are adding a new rule to the game. It might increase your hand size, how many cards you can keep, how many cards you can play, or other rules that players need to abide by. If a new rule contradicts another card already in play, the old rule is discarded. These cards are laid out for all to see when played. 

Green cards are keepers. These are played out in front of you and are needed to win the game depending on the current goal card.

The pink cards are the goal cards. When played, the previous goal is discarded, unless there is a rule card that changes this. This new goal becomes the new way to win the game.

Camping Fluxx hand of cards

The blue cards are action cards, and you must perform the action when playing these cards. They are single use cards and give you some advantage when using them.

Lastly, the black cards are called creepers. They are like keepers except you generally don’t want them. They prevent you from winning…except for the times where you might need them to win. These are not held you your hand but are automatically played out in front of you, then you draw another card. 

So the turn sequence is: draw the number of cards required, play the number of cards currently required, then discard cards to comply with the limit rules in play. Turns continue in a clockwise direction until a player wins the game.

Camping Fluxx cards on the table playing the game

The Verdict

First of all, my kids absolutely loved playing this game. This is their first Fluxx experience, and they kept asking to play it over and over again. I was attracted to the camping theme myself, and thought it would actually be a good game to bring and play when camping. Given what a success this has been, I am planning to see what other Fluxx themes my kids would like even more. 

Camping Fluxx is quite literally the luck of the draw, but I like that the rules and strategy is changing constantly as you play. You are not just drawing 1 card and playing 1 card. In fact, many times you might be drawing 5 cards and playing all your cards. (Those are my favorite rules to put down.) But you also are trying to get the most keepers out, and then find a goal card that you can achieve with what you have. Actions help to possibly steal cards or do some things that can help you. Or do some thing to make it more difficult for everyone else. 

Camping Fluxx keepers and creepers

I feel like players have to continually change the goals as well or else a player might just might have those keepers in their hand waiting for the perfect time to play them. Or, they can play out their keepers and wait for the perfect goal card to change the rules to win with their keepers. So there are so strategic decisions that kids also can understand.

Specifically with the camping edition, I like how the theme is incorporated into it with their cards. Starting with the perfect combination of keepers on goal cards to win the game. Almost heaven = The mountains plus the guitar. Night lights = Campfire + flashlight. Sleeping under the stars = sleeping bag + neither tent nor camper in play anywhere. Pocket sized essentials = any 2 of: flashlight, pocket knife, or matches. There are just so many good combinations of goals here. 

Camping Fluxx Rule Cards

If you don’t like camping it’s probably because of 1 of the 2 creepers in the game, mosquitos and rain. Definitely don’t want either of those when camping. The keepers are all things outdoor-loving people like myself love. This includes locations like the mountains, the river, and the woods. Things you need like chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, to bug spray, matches, and rain gear. Then stuff to do like having a canoe, a paddle, a guitar, starting a campfire. And don’t forget your famous stick you need to roast marshmallows but also to use to just play in the campfire. 

Camping Fluxx is a game that’s like a giant campfire: cozy, fun, and full of surprises. It’s suppose to be a random fun game and not as much as a very strategic think game. Camping Fluxx does a great job and can be used to take on camping trips due to the small size of 100 cards. They did a very good job thematically, and when playing, you will hear all the camping stories you need. 

Images via Looney Labs

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