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Black Lightning’s Lightning Joins the Storm

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It makes sense that the episode where Jennifer finds out she has powers is titled “The Book of Revelations.” The few seconds from this mid-season promo barely scratch the surface of Jennifer’s powers manifesting with a phone in her hand!

Father-Daughter Crime Solvers

The majority of this episode, however; focuses on Anissa and Jefferson working together in attempts to help clear Black Lightning’s name. As we know, Tori before her untimely death framed Black Lightning. We also knew going in that we’d see another murder tonight, since next week’s synopsis told us!

We do learn that the weapons which killed Lady Eve and friends require 1 billion joules and nuclear power. (Damn y’all, this is too sciencey for me.) With Gambi’s help, they find out that the source of the radiation is in the woods and an argument ensues about who should go check it out. Dad and daughter, the latter who knows very little about her powers, or Gambi who can take care of himself?

We finally see Gambi show actual frustration and anger at Jefferson when he yells at him about the woods. Ultimately dad and daughter go out in the woods, and while looking for the weapons have a great heart-to-heart.

Key moments are Jefferson telling Anissa more about his past before and after figuring out he has powers (Gambi trained him even before the powers appeared) and how he handled it! My favorite quote is the follows after Anissa asks why Gambi’s so pissed.

“Sarcastic Italian, it’s how he shows his love.”


Unfortunately the proof of BL’s framing goes up in flames because Tobias (assumed) sends a guy who turns the gun on and goes boom.

Green Light and the Freeland Experiment

Elsewhere, Lynn finds out that the active components match those of Green Light! This means its been worked on for 30+ years which is right when Gambi moved to Freeland. (DUN DUN DUN!)

First, though we meet Martin Proctor, the Freeland area head for the ASA. This scene a #Mess. Martin says the ASA is doing God’s work, he hates all the fried food, and the people should be happy ASA is there. Especially because “all they’re good for is experimentation.” Gambi was meant to find Black Lightning so the ASA could dissect him like they have other metas (well shi!), and Martin put a bounty out on “his black ass.” Most revealing is that Martin is over the Freeland Experiment!

I don’t think I need to really dissect (sorry) this scene too much, but I do think this is one of the better moments of, hey audience do you know what’s happening in America?

It reminds me of the mention of Tuskegee earlier in the season and highlights again, how little the writers are beating around the bush.

So what does the ASA do? Well, a lot more than I expected.

We learned from Lynn that Green Light has been around for 30 years, the same amount of time Gambi has lived in Freeland. After Lynn tells Jefferson that he needs to talk to Gambi…so much more comes out!

Peter Esposiwho

Gambi is actually Peter Esposito. He was sent by the ASA, to monitor its attempts to keep Freeland’s residents docile and passive during a politically fraught time. When Gambi realized the vaccine was giving kids (and Jefferson) strength, and then the kids went missing, he eventually told Alvin. Since that moment and Gambi learning Jefferson had powers; Gambi’s tried to protect him, but now with Martin on the hunt, he can’t.

Understandably, Jefferson is pissed and tells Gambi to stay away from him and the Pierce family.


Still, I’m so glad Jefferson finally got to hear the truth (and us too). Thirteen episodes really isn’t a lot of time for a first season, and especially not one with the Akils in charge. Especially because as the only non-biological Pierce family member, it was time for him to move beyond secretive semi-retired Crimelord Grandpa Gambi with a Gun, to a Gambi whose motivations make more sense.

Honestly, go watch the episode y’all. We learned so much!!! (Except I am bad at math. So if someone can figure out a realistic timeline for how old Jefferson was when Alvin died, that would be great.)

LaLa Returns

Last week I was pretty much stuck in WTF shock zone after the reveal of LaLa’s return to the living. Now I’m cautiously excited about this new part of the mythos. Out of the many deaths so far, having LaLa return is definitely gutsy in a good way. And as Iojo pointed out in the comments, at least LaLa is consistent getting a new velour tracksuit.

He shows up to the club (where no one has been to since the shootout) and finds two of his lackeys. In the car, LaWanda talks to LaLa about how the two are trying to take his place and it’s an incredibly entertaining yet terrifying scene. LaWanda’s not actually there! So the woman he murdered is his new guardian angel?

Later she tells him everything will be okay and kisses him before fading away. Yah I don’t know how to react to that so we’re just going to move on until next week.

Jennifer Joins the Black Lightning Club

Okay so it’s not really a club. Her experiencing her powers this week was also really good timing in my opinion. People were annoyed that Anissa and Jefferson didn’t immediately tell her the truth. I think that revelation (heh) would not have fit in the 45 minutes with everything else last time.

Helping Keisha put signs up at the high school, she understandably freaks out when Keisha almost falls off some scaffolding, and she lights up her phone and burns the flier she has in response. Later she tries to light up again and freaks out a little. At episode’s end she shows Anissa her phone and it fades to black.

Jennifer Lightning

I’m super excited though because next week we get the full reveal! This promo made my night and we are so close to getting Lightning. Though I expect at least two episodes of Jennifer so not being into this situation.

Random Tidbits

  • When is Grace coming back?
  • Jennifer and Jefferson training was so fun to watch!
  • Gambi what are you gonna do now?
  • With no Tobias or Khalil this week, I am still just as worried about Khalil’s arc.

Personally, this is my second favorite episode of the season so far. I particularly appreciated finally learning the most important parts of why Gambi has lied so much! The look at Lightning was awesome. Plus the entire ASA underpinning everything that Jefferson is fighting in Freeland establishes the bad guys as so much more. What about y’all?

Image courtesy of The CW

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