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Black Lightning Resurrects Yet Again

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Before we get into this week’s episode, can we talk about how complex Anissa and Jefferson were last week? Both as themselves and as their alter-egos!! Anissa is incredibly fortunate that her dad has bailed her out after both arrests. If this was actually the US, Anissa may not have made it to a second arrest, and I think the show is balancing showing that reality and also keeping their main character mostly whole. But as a woman coming into her own as a hero, I just love Anissa so dang much. And Jefferson’s everything with hunting Tobias, oof.

I also love this week’s episode, which highlights some of the best work from all the actors and the precariously balanced existence between Black Lightning, his family, Gambi, and the rest of Freeland. Especially because Crimelord Grandpa Gambi with a Gun is in the middle of it all!

Plus Lynn is the best dang mom.

Thunder Strikes

We start with Lynn and Anissa arguing about Anissa using her powers, especially when Jefferson preaches nonviolence but is out at night Black Lightning it up. The episode fortunately moves past that right into grudging acceptance on both Jefferson and Lynn’s part after Anissa and Jefferson argue followed by a heart to heart between mom and daughter.

Already, Anissa gets a taste of what this life will bring her when we find out that David Poe has died from a hit and run (murder).

By episode’s end though, Uncle Gambi is planning a costume for Anissa with Lynn asking for it! See, the earlier heart to heart about Lynn’s fears for Anissa and the realization that Jefferson’s powers are what caused the breakup make Lynn realize that Anissa will keep fighting no matter what. Jefferson is the only person who can teach and protect her, and Gambi is the only person who can make her a costume!

Speaking of Gambi, he almost stole this week’s episode!

Gambi and the Ecosystem

Jefferson is rightly pissed that Gambi lied about Tobias even if it was to protect Jefferson from himself, and Jefferson doesn’t trust Gambi. Not that he should knowing what we know.

Tonight’s first major reveal is that Evelyn, Gambi, and who knows who else created the whole criminal ecosystem running Freeland. He goes to see her after she texts him that the cleaners are on the way to take out the men who attacked Lynn per their previous deal. Gambi wants to nip the Tobias problem in the bud ASAP because if not, Tobias is gonna fuck up their ecosystem of crime and ruin whatever trust may remain between Gambi and Jefferson. The latter tells Gambi outright he doesn’t trust him right now. Oof.

I love everything the writers are doing with Gambi. Yes, I end every episode confused and riled up about him, but like the writers said on twitter, he’s a rubix cube wrapped in a riddle, and I, for one, really enjoy each piece that’s revealed. Though after this week’s ending, they better move a lot of pieces soon or everyone’s going to feel the hurt.

And even if his allegiences are all messy, he’s not wrong. Tobias spends his intro this week fighting with a Black man under the influence of Greenlight, which he’s not pleased with considering dead customers don’t come back.

Anywho, Evelyn makes a new deal with Gambi to get rid of Joey, and what does Gambi do? He shoots Joey a few times, leaves a little coffin (Eve’s calling card), and departs. Previously Retired Crimelord Grandpa Gambi really doesn’t play games!

Okay I know that name is silly but at the end of the season I’m definitely going to talk about Gambi coming out of retirement to ostensibly help keep the Pierce’s safe, but in turn make more problems. Just because Gambi and Eve have plans doesn’t mean the rest of the characters will follow suit.

Framing Black Lightning

Tobias’ response to receiving the coffin is to reiterate that he’s not going to run and hide. Tori points out that it’s either him or Eve, and we’re provided a new hint. There’s a Shadowboard (what I assume are the rest of Eve’s partners that came out of the Agency mentioned last week) and if he goes against them…it’s bad.

Fortunately for Tobias and unfortunately for everyone else, Tori has the idea to frame Black Lightning for murder and get rid of Lady Eve not knowing he’ll be at Tobias’ new jazz club’s grand opening.

Shootouts for Everyone

Before Tobias and friends can enter the club, Black Lightning starts a fight with them. Tori gets shot in the crossfire and dies. Uh oh.

Simultaneously, Tori’s plan is underway where two men attack Lady Eve and her two henchmen with guns that shoot out electricity? I’m not really clear how they work, but the point is that at the end even though Lady Eve is able to defend herself, a third man comes out of the coffin (!) and shoots her too.

And so Black Lightning has been framed for Lady Eve’s and her two henchmen’s murders.

Resurrection Times Infinity

Honestly how many times will I get to use resurrection in a heading this season? This week’s usage beats all of the usages though because guess who is back? LALA! The episode ends after the news report of Lady Eve’s murder with Lala waking up in a hotel room and LAWANDA asking him if he believes in the resurrection and then going into him so there’s a tattoo of her face on his body. You just have to watch it.

There’s no point in me trying to analyze any of that because what the fuck, but the promo for next week has me so excited. Primarily because I need to know more yesterday and Gambi might tell Jefferson some truths! Anything is better then ending with TWO DEAD PEOPLE ALIVE and the idea that Lady Eve might come back. I kind of miss her already, which goes to show how well the writers did developing our main villains, as well as Jill Scott’s deliciously evil portrayal of her.

As far as shocking moments go, this beats a lot of them. I actually screamed aloud. I am vaguely worried that the show zigged where it should zag, but I am definitely ready for more.

Random Tidbits
  • The music this week was especially superb. Can’t wait until the list is up.
  • Lynn’s development this season so far is the best so far.
  • There was a Muslim teacher!
  • Anissa asked Grace out on a date! Via voicemail, but I hope we’ll see her one last time this season.
  • One drawback this week is that with so much going on we got very little Jenn, which sucks.
  • Jefferson calling himself a hypocrite. FINALLY.
  • I’m still stuck on the ending y’all but hope this doesn’t mean deaths stop having meaning. The worst part about supernatural/superhero shows is that so much of the time deaths don’t stick!

What did y’all think?

Image courtesy of The CW

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