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It’s Two Goodbyes and A Wedding on Legends of Tomorrow

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It’s that time again. Another season finale with the Legends facing seemingly insurmountable odds and the fate of the world at stake. Plus some wacky shenanigans because it is still Legends.

Picking up right where the last episode left off, the team has just saved Mick and Kayla’s kids. Mick barely escapes with some scorch marks, but all the eggs are safe. Kayla’s surprised that everyone helped, but Sara just shrugs. Those kids are family, alien hybrids or not.  Unfortunately, the ship’s mainframe was damaged, meaning no Gideon or time travel. Just as soon as Kayla mentions that she can leave with her ship she gets a notification that Bishop stole it.

Behrad, who’s been MIA for two episodes, turns up just time to lament his charred couch. As the others are briefing him on what he missed, Zari, Nate, and Astra return, informing the others of John’s death. It’s a little difficult to believe that Constantine is actually dead. The only thing left was a mushroom that Astra gives to Behrad.

Sara notices one of her kids didn’t come back and asks where Spooner is. She’s still unconscious after the fountain’s destruction, and Gloria’s worried she might be dying. They can’t use the med bay on the ship with Gideon out of commission.

Speaking of, Kayla is working on the ship. Mick comes in to check on her and the eggs. Kayla bristles a little when Mick mentions staying with the kids. In her culture, it’s the mother who raises the kids, but Mick’s made up his mind. He missed out on Lita’s life and he isn’t going to make that mistake again.

Back at Gloria’s home, Sara, Nate, Ava, and Astra as discussing what they can do for Spooner. Astra worries there might not be anything they can do if the fountain was destroyed. It and Spooner were linked. Their conversation is interrupted by a pod crashing nearby.

Sara, Ava and Nate
Time Moms and the one (semi) responsible kid.

Sara, Ava, and Nate investigate finding the pod, along with two of the aliens from Bishop’s planet — the same aliens that overwhelmed Kayla and killed Sara with poison. As they’re fighting, Spooner unconsciously speaks their thoughts. Through that Astra leans the fountain isn’t dead yet, meaning they have a chance to save it.

Even with their powers, the aliens almost overwhelm Nate and Sara. There’s a moment when Ava has the opportunity to shoot one, but can’t without also hitting Sara. She hesitates and Nate takes the shot instead, killing it.

They manage to defeat the scouts but not before one can send a beacon. Knowing there are more coming, they fall back to formulate a plan. Sara worries that Bishop’s goal is to kill everyone she loves and then destroy the rest of the world so they’ll be the only ones left.

Taking shrooms: a critical plot point.

While this has been going on, Behrad has been chilling with the mushroom. He suddenly rushes to Zari’s room, saying Constantine is in the mushroom. Understandably, Zari questions how sober her brother is. Even if there was a chance of that being true, John is the last person Zari wants to see. After he betrayed them, she doesn’t trust him, even if he could help.

Kayla is close to repairing the ship, which she plans to use to leave as soon as she can. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near here. She invites Mick, but he isn’t going to abandon the Legends in a fight. Kayla manages to get Gideon working again, but it also triggers a recorded message from Bishop. He taunts them with the knowledge that he could save the fountain but won’t.

This gives Nate an idea. If Bishop can save the fountain, they’ll just ask him to. A past version of him, before he turned into a deranged megalomaniac. With Bishop knowing how Sara thinks, the team knows that the only way to get the jump on him is to do something she normally would never do. Sara’s hesitant about the plan, but that’s why she agrees to it. Ava and Nate head to 2212 Vancouver, the time and place the AVA clones originated from. There, a younger Bishop without a manbun is trying to perfect the first AVA clone. Not telling him any more than he needs to know, they give him the serum his future-self made to reverse engineer an antidote.

Behrad joins the rest of the team at this point, screaming that he spoke to Constantine because he ate some of the shroom. He’s convinced that John is in the mushroom. Nate thinks it couldn’t hurt to try, but Sara puts her foot down. They’ve had enough bad ideas for one day. But after she sends the others off, she hears John’s voice beckoning her to eat him. And she does.

She gets a vision of the clearing where the fountain was and there is John, not exactly alive but not fully dead either. His soul is still tied to the Fountain. It’s what is sustaining it for now. Sara begs him to hold on until they make the antidote, but being tied to the fountain, he knows curing it physically isn’t enough. After John’s actions, the fountain has decided that all humans are unworthy. Even if it’s healed, it won’t protect humanity any longer.

The Warlock has messed up before, but he’s always found a way to fix it somehow. Sara wants him to do the same this time. But if he tries anything now and removes his soul from the fountain, it and Spooner will die. He’s willing to give up his soul to keep both alive for as long as possible, seeing it as his penance for what he’s done.

John Constantine
This white look is too clean for Constantine, even if he is technically dead.

He takes back something he said to Sara once, that they couldn’t have a healthy relationship (just before he banished a unicorn to hell). That they were both too broke for that. He knows differently now. That love, ‘loving and being loved, that is the point’. He realizes now he squandered his chance when he had it. There is one last thing he imparts to Sara: the greatest thing he learned being linked with the fountain. He whispers it to Sara, enlightening her.

Meanwhile, with Gideon fully repaired, Kayla is ready to go, but Mick stops her. He isn’t leaving his kids or his friends. And he knows Kayla’s threats are empty because she cares for him.

Meanwhile, Bishop’s completed the antidote. Sara runs in, excited to share the meaning to life that he learnt from John. ‘We are all connected.’ As she comes down from her euphoric state, even she realizes how it sounds.

The antidote works on Spooner, waking her up. But that alone isn’t enough to heal the fountain. It’s like John said: it no longer wants to protect humanity. Outside, thousands of pods crash down on the area. None of them open yet, and Gary explaining the aliens will wait until it’s dark to attack.

When Spooner’s regained her strength, Astra asks if she can hear any of the aliens, but for once she can only hear her own thoughts. But what she does know is the fountain has no intention of helping them.

With only four hours left until sunset Ava suggests they start preparing for a fight. But Sara has another idea. She turns to Ava asking her to marry he, right there and then. If they’re going to have the fight of their lives that night, Sara wants to do it as her wife. Nate and Gary back up the idea. Ava thinks it’s ridiculous to be thinking about a wedding when they’re staring down an alien invasion, but Sara wins her over. If they’re going down, they’re going down married.

Ava and Sara
If the world is ending at least nothing worse could happen during the wedding.

It’s all hands on deck. Behrad’s on kitchen duty. Zari helping with makeup. Astra magics up flowers. Spooner helps Gloria set up a table outside. Spooner asks her mother to leave. Gloria isn’t about to abandon her home, but Spooner begs. If Gloria is here when the fighting starts, Spooner isn’t going to be able to focus on the fight. She needs to know Gloria is somewhere safe if she’s going to help save the world. Gloria agrees, hugging her little girl tight. When Astra sees the mournful hug the two shared, and the way Spooner’s eyes are a little misty, she doesn’t say anything. She just hugs her friend and lets her cry.

Spooner and Astra
Their relationship has been my favorite thing to come out this season.

On the ship, Ava has been trying to write her vows. Gary is surprised she waited until now to do it. She’s panicking about it because she can’t think of the right words. Gary reassures her, in the moment, she’ll know what to say. Ava blanches at the idea. She’s the one who plans and he’s suggesting that she be spontaneous? Gary smiles because he knows she will find the words.

And because it’s Gary, who had always been there to support her. Who, besides Sara, is the person who knows her best. Because it’s him, she has to believe him. She asks him to walk her down the aisle. With nothing but pride in his voice, he agrees.

Then it’s time for a wedding. Behrad is singing as they walk down the aisle, the rest of the team watching with smiles. Mick walks Sara down the aisle or rather walks with her. Nate officiates. He cracks jokes about the day they met and notes that this is what they need right then. The reminder that love is what makes everything worth it.

Sara and Ava's wedding

In her vows Sara promises to be her champion, to be there for her. To be her family. To fight for her. And to love her. Just like Gary promised, the words come to Ava. Everything before Sara came into her life was predictable. A fabrication. Sara changed all of that for the better. The Legends smile as they watch their co-captains declare their love. Nate asks if there are any objections and naturally this is when Bishop shows up.

With Kayla’s ship, he creates a smokescreen that blocks out the light, prompting the aliens to attack. Sara asks everyone but Nate to take cover, but her team isn’t about to hide when there’s a fight. Spooner had a stash of weapons ready. Astra and the Tarazi siblings fire up their powers. Even Kayla is staying to fight. The Legends aren’t about to back down.

The Legends of Tomorrow
Family are the people who’ll fight by your side, even in formal wear.

Until they see the few hundred aliens approaching and decide they’ll make their stand behind cover. They barricade themselves in the house, but the aliens quickly begin to break through. Behrad gets poisoned by one. Knowing how deathly this poison is, Sara grabs an axe to cut his arm off before it can spread. Zari stops her, the two getting into an argument. Spooners yells at them to stop and with a flash of light between her, Sara, and Behrad, the wound on his arm begins to heal. Sara realizes that this is what John’s ‘we’re all connected’ message meant. With her connection to the fountain, Spooner can transfer their abilities between them.

Even with Spooner’s newfound ability they switch powers between people to fend of the aliens, they’re still getting overwhelmed. Ava’s okay with dying if she’s with her wife at the end, but Nate points they never finished the wedding. Kayla offers to buy them time so they can.

The Legends huddle up around Sara and Ava as they say their ‘I dos’. They share their first kiss as wife and wife. There’s a magical glow that surrounds them and a giant golden spectral mushroom appears, vaporizing all the aliens attacking them. The fountain deemed them worthy of protecting. Constantine and Bishop may have shown it the worst of humanity, but the Legends showed the best.

Sara and Ava

A furious Bishop storms up, ready to kill everyone himself. But just then, Mick and Kayla’s kids hatch into adorable purple and slightly creepy tentacle creatures. Bishop is excited by them at first until they start feasting on him alive. Mick couldn’t be prouder of his murderous kids.

The next day, younger Bishop promises to never become evil, but for the sake of the timeline, they need him to, so they mind wipe him and restore him to his proper time. In the spot where Constantine died, Zari is saying her goodbyes. She’s about to leave when John calls out to her. In the flesh. He gave a demon his soul in exchange for his life. He knows he made of a mess things, especially their relationship. He knows that he hasn’t really changed, but now he’s aware of what he gave up. He can’t return to the Legends so this is his goodbye. He gives Zari a key but doesn’t say what’s for before he leaves. Farewell to one Legend.

Sara and Mick
The last two of the OGs, now going to be one.

And one more farewell to go. Sara and Mick share a drink together, reminiscing how much they’ve changed since they first got on the Waverider. The Sara and Mick who first stepped on the ship would never recognize the ones who’ve become a wife and father. They’ve been on this journey together the longest. But all journeys must end. Mick’s going with Kayla to raise their kids, something he knows how to do after Sara wrangle the Legends for so long.

With the goodbyes said, our Legends head to the Waverider, ready to end this chapter on a happy note. Ava’s nervous because she knows it’s usually around this time the finale cliffhanger kicks in. Sara tells her to relax, certain they’re due for a break after everything. But something that sounds and looks like another Waverider flies in, destroys their Waverider and flies off. The last words of the season are Astra’s, very appropriate, ‘what the hell?’.


And so another season of Legends of Tomorrow comes to a close. Season six has a whole has been mixed bag for me. There were some wonderful highs that stand out as some of my favorite moments from the series, (see the princess episode) but also some middling elements that left more to be desired. Mick and Kayla’s relationship felt like it happened off-screen and the rest of the season kept telling us they were attracted to each other. The ‘Mick being pregnant’ storyline worked better for me because it felt like a complement to his storyline with Lita from last season.

But, like always, Legends is at its best when it puts its characters at its heart. Sara and Ava’s wedding is the perfect example of that. Since the beginning of this relationship the show has developed it without the ‘will they won’t they’ that tends to plague the genre. The conflicts in their relationship instead work to reinforce why they want to be together. They handle those challenges together.

And the wedding in a way was more than a celebration of just Sara and Ava. It was for all the Legends, who, with what could have been their final hours, choose to celebrate love together.

That culminating in a moment where the rest of the Legends circle their captains so they can say their ‘I dos’, all while aliens are breaking down the doors to get in, there couldn’t be a better summation of what this series is about. It’s about love. Loving and being loved.  There’s a reason that keeps being the theme for season finales.

Only Legends Could  

  • Behrad was right, doing shrooms was the answer.
  • “Just say what you feel.” “I feel sick.” “Don’t say that.”
  • Does this make Constantine part of the unkillable queer squad?
  • This is the third time a magic circle of love and friendship has saved the day.
  • And the second time a queer couple got the true love’s kiss that saved the day.
  • Five seconds old and they’ve already killed a guy. They must be Mick’s kids.
  • There was no scene naming those 48, which was a missed opportunity. At least one has to be named Lenoard.

Images courtesy of the CW

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