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Catch These Excellent Ladies of YouTube ‘Fragcomm’

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For those of you who have been following along with the Fandomentals gleeful embracing of fragrance fandom and have dared to venture out into the wilds of the internet or YouTube to find additional content, you might have noticed one big, glaring fact.

Much of the well known online “fragcomm”, especially YouTube fragcomm is predominantly (white) male-dominated. (And has an obsession with Creed Aventus but that’s neither here nor there *ahem*.)

The issue here is that the fragrance community isn’t just a group of white dudes who all love to talk about the same fragrances over and over and over. If it sounds like I’m being a touch critical of the big names of YouTube fragcomm, I kinda am? But my criticism of that part of fragcomm will be saved for an episode of Sartorial Splendor that I co-host with John later this fall.

That said, it’s hard to know where to look for those other voices if you don’t even know there’s a growing group of diverse reviewers coming up with some fantastic content about fragrances that don’t fall within the “hypebeast” category.  Which is why I’m writing this article. For those of you looking for new voices and new fragrances to learn about, especially if you’re wanting to see some ladies giving their perspectives, I’ve got five fantastic women for you to check out!

Experiencing Fragrances with Amina

Amina Dicko is an excellent resource for those looking to explore some of the lesser-known, lesser-hyped niche fragrance houses. Remember on Monday that I promised you a YouTuber who made a video all about Maya Njie’s fragrances? That’s Amina! Also, seriously, you can’t not love a lady who will venture into the offerings of Beaufort London. If the off the beaten path frags are your thing, she’s got you covered, and also gives great advice on where/when a fragrance can be worn!

Go subscribe to her channel and check her out on Instagram!

Yve Spiders Smells

Yve is a California based reviewer with a love of fragrances. If you’re tired of some of the repetitive fragcomm videos for the aforementioned well-known YouTubers, Yve is going to be a welcomed departure for you. As she puts it, her channel is “No sponsorships, no bullsh*t.” This is another issue with popular YouTube fragcomm, but I’ll save that topic for another time. Yve, however, is a breath of fresh air, bringing you videos on topics like “different fragrances for different notes”, as well as more traditional reviews of some popular niche fragrances that are to the point, and without the unnecessary hype.

Go subscribe to her channel and check her out on Instagram!

Olfactofiles Fragrance Reviews

Tara is entirely responsible for my current obsession with Penhaligon’s Portraits Changing Constance. Thanks for that, Tara. (No really, thank you!). Gentle ribbing aside, if you’re a big fan of caramel, vanilla, tobacco-ish fragrances, you’re definitely going to want to check out her lists of some of the best scents for those profiles. Her fragrances definitely skew more niche, but she’s really good at offering some affordably priced options in the fragrance tiers she reviews!

Go subscribe to her channel and check her out on Instagram!


Perfume Realm

If you’re newer to the world of fragrance, you’re not alone! And sometimes, it helps to have fellow “newcomers” reviewing fragrances right along with you, because let’s face it: no fandom is without that unfortunate gatekeeping element. Plus it’s always a rush if you can both discover something fabulous around the same time. Manahil’s goal with her channel is to create a safe haven of sorts for fellow “newbies” to explore the artistry of perfumes in a way that’s accessible to everyone, not just those “elite” would-be gatekeepers.

Go subscribe to her channel and check her out on Instagram!



Kia is definitely going to be your go-to woman if you’re at all interested in dabbling into houses like Mugler, Paco Rabanne, La Nuit Tresor, or if you’re just wanting to dip your toe into the world of designer fragrances (that’s not to say she doesn’t also cover niche fragrances!) and see what’s what. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who can give you a better and more comprehensive review of Mugler’s feminine offerings.

Go subscribe to her channel and check her out on Instagram!

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