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Ladies First Looks Back On Queer News: June-July 2021

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Today in this grab bag Ladies First discusses recent events in queer news, including politics, publishing, and big-name, blockbuster representation.

Credit to renfri on Tumblr

Further Reading:

  • Kori, Taylor. “Let’s Talk About Sex! (And Queer Patriarchal Purity Culture).” The Fandomentals (2021)
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  • Taylor. “Warrior Nun Struggles As A Trauma Narrative (Part 3).” The Fandomentals (2021)


  • Agence France-Presse in Tbilisi. “Georgian cameraman dies after attack by far-right, anti-LGBTQ mob.” The Guardian (2021)
  • American Booksellers Association. “An anti-trans book was included in our July mailing to members.” @ABAbook — Twitter (2021)
  • Associated Press. “Proud Boy-Affiliated Anti-Transgender Rally At LA Spa Turns Violent.” HuffPost (2021)
  • Bailey, Sarah Pulliam. “A new Martin Scorsese-backed documentary follows a priest who ministers to LGBT Catholics.” The Washington Post (2021)
  • Bolies, Corbin. “Guardian Journalist Attacked at Violent Anti-Trans Rally Outside Los Angeles Spa.” The Daily Beast (2021)
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  • Ni, Vincent and Davidson, Helen. “Outrage over shutdown of LGBTQ WeChat accounts in China.” The Guardian (2021)
  • O’Leary, Naomi and Scally, Derek. “EU sues Hungary and Poland for LGBT discrimination as legal fight escalates.” The Irish Times (2021)
  • Pfaff, Char. “Demisexuals Get Horny Too, You Know.” Salty World (2019)
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  • “Wonder Woman #614.” D.C. Comics (2011)


  • Created/Written/Hosted by Kori and Taylor  
  • Sound Design/Music/Production by Kori 
  • Research by Taylor 
  • Graphic Design by Kori 
  • Produced by The Fandomentals Network

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