Tuesday, June 18, 2024

KILL YOUR LAWN Returns To EarthxTV For Season Two

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KILL YOUR LAWN, the half-hour makeover series that taps into a global lawn-killing movement, with humans falling in love with native plants across the planet, returns to EARTHxTV for Season 2 premiered Thursday, April 11, 2024. KILL YOUR LAWN is a rejection of the lawn industrial complex, celebrating the courage and inspiring messages of first-time lawn killers.

Kill Your Lawn logo

Joey Santore, a blue-collar schmuck from Chicago who left a career at the railroad to pursue a lifetime studying botany and educating others via his cult-hit YouTube channel Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t, along with his best friend from Chicago, bicycle mechanic and punk rock banjoist AL SCORCH, are back slaughtering as many water-guzzling lawns as they can. It’s a garden makeover show hosted by plant lovers who hate garden makeover shows. 

Timing is imperative, as the nation faces a game-changing global drought, lawns are an ecological nightmare growing right under our noses. Their mission: To carry out a turficidal killing spree and leave a trail of pollinator-friendly, native plant gardens in their wake. 

Hosts Al (Left) and Joey (R) take a break with Louie

The drastic measure of removing a lawn reinforces the messaging of scientists, conserves indigenous plant species, and additionally has the following benefits:

  • Water conservation: Lawns require a significant amount of water to maintain, especially in areas with dry climates. Removing a lawn can reduce water usage and help conserve this precious resource.
  • Environmental benefits: Lawns are often maintained with pesticides and fertilizers, which negatively impact the environment. Removing a lawn helps reduce the use of these chemicals and promotes a healthier ecosystem.
  • Cost savings: Maintaining a lawn is expensive, especially if you hire someone to do it. Removing a lawn saves money on water bills, maintenance costs, and landscaping services.
  • Increased biodiversity: Lawns are monocultures that do not provide habitat for many species of plants and animals. By removing a lawn and planting a diverse array of native plants, you increase biodiversity and support local wildlife. Once established, native plant gardens take care of themselves.
  • Aesthetics: While some people enjoy the look of a well-manicured lawn, others prefer a more natural or landscaped look. Removing a lawn provides an opportunity to create a unique and visually appealing outdoor space.
The KILL YOUR LAWN movement is growing and Empty Quarter Studios is out front, capturing the stories of first-time lawn killers and witnessing incredible yard makeovers,”,” said Executive Producer David Madison. “No other production company killed lawns this year using a catapult, a harpoon and several pounds of Old Bay seasoning.”
“The fact that Kill Your Lawn was picked up for a second season is a testament to the entertainment value of our show, our terrific talent and the important message,” says EQS’ Billy Sprague.

The production is Executive Produced by Billy Sprague (Into the Lost Desert), Ajax Broome, and David Madison. The Associate Producer is Carol Bentley, the Lead Editor, and Story Producer is Ruben Woolcott, the Editor is Ian Hutchinson, the Assistant Editor is Jason Atkinson, the Directors of Photography are Paul Glinski and Brian Murphy, the Line Producer is Steven Gruskin, the Production Manager is Samantha Rooke, Production Coordinator is Megan Davies, Post Production Supervisor is Tom Wojtunik.

Images via Empty Quarter Studios and Earthx TV

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