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Hunters Entertainment Announces Kids In Capes, A High Flying New Addition To ‘Kids On’ TTRPG Series

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 Hunters Entertainment (Alice Is Missing, Gods of Metal: Ragnarok), in collaboration with the creators of Kids on Bikes Jon Gilmour and Doug Levandowski, announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their brand-new game in the series of TTRPG’s build on the original Kids On Bikes system: Kids in Capes. The campaign will go live here on May 29th and feature an exclusive cover.

Kids In Capes cover by Nala Wu
Kids In Capes cover by Nala Wu

Kids in Capes offers an action-packed, immersive superhero story that introduces an exciting, brand-new battle system to the robust Kids On library. The game features a list of six dynamic Capes (The Tactician, The Tank, The Cryptic, The Brawler, The Guardian, The Shooter) and a robust Power system that players of all ages can enjoy and immerse themselves in.

The creative team behind Kids in Capes has been expanded to include a roster of game designers – Morgan “Mo” Nuncio (Kids on Bikes: Volume II Strange Adventures, Teens in Space, Apocalypse Keys), Austin Taylor (All The Witches, Arcon, Till The Last Gasp), and Nick Sauer (Bigfoot Vs. Yeti, Pinball Showdown). The Kickstarter will feature an exclusive collector’s edition cover by artist Sean Peacock.

The game’s design team is ecstatic to share this new venture into the franchise. Austin Taylor is particularly excited to introduce players to the game’s new combat system. “I won’t lie, I am the person that likes to fight in games. I wanna go toe to toe with the bad guy and feel powerful while doing it. Because of that, I am really stoked for the combat system we made for the game, something brand new for the entire Powered By Kids On Bikes series. I cannot wait for people to get their hands on it and try it out for themselves!”

Kids In Capes collector's edition cover by Sean Peacock
Kids In Capes collector’s edition cover by Sean Peacock

Mo Nuncio is thrilled about the new tropes introduced in Kids in Capes. “My favorite aspect about Kids in Capes is the new tropes we have designed specifically for the game! We really worked and discussed hitting on all the trope notes we adore from media.”

Kids in Capes is a game all about exceptional young people discovering they have special abilities more powerful than the average person!. In this game, they learn about their new powers, team up with other like-minded heroes and use their abilities to defeat villains wherever they may strike! The focus of the game is not just on the player’s special powers but also on relationship building with their fellow players, and the fictional community that they are trying to protect. The game explores the characters’ Origin stories by using in-game flashbacks to highlight the moments in character’s lives that made them the hero they are today!

You can follow the Kickstarter here.

Images via Hunters Entertainment

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