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“Graduating” Your Wardrobe: How to Upgrade Your High School Perfumes

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The school year is once again coming to a close, and many of us in the school system are finding ourselves moving up – whether that’s from middle school to high school, high school to the workplace or further education, or simply from one year to the next. As we get older, we usually end up finding ourselves in more and more professional/mature situations. So how do we have our fragrances move forward along with us? I’ve prepared a list of tips for students and young adults interested in taking their fragrance game to the next level.

Quality Over Quantity

Anyone who’s stepped foot in a high school knows that body sprays are quite prevalent in locker rooms, bathrooms, backpacks, etc. These may seem like cheap options that simply make sense for students with tight budgets. However, the simple fact of the matter is that most body sprays have far less longevity than the average perfume, and the amount of reapplications needed over the course of a day prevents them from being the budget option they may first appear to be. One solid bottle of perfume, used once or twice a day in moderation, will easily outstrip a handful of body sprays that boast raw volume but lack efficiency. Find a nice fragrance that performs well and you’re already steps ahead of the body spray-wearing competition.

Start With One All-Purpose Scent

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve done some research on what beginner perfumes to get. Chances also are that you’ve been recommended to get multiple fragrances to cover a range of occasions and temperatures. The truth is that there are quite a few excellent fragrances that do it all – hot weather, cool weather, formal occasions, and casual wear. These tend to be middle-of-the-road fragrances when it comes to strength – neither super light nor heavy – and friendly perfumes that don’t have much of a weird/experimental edge. One bottle of something like Mont Blanc Explorer or Bleu de Chanel will get you through literally any possible scenario while likely racking up compliments. Not only will this suit budgets far better than getting a range of fragrances; but it’ll also allow you to build a personal relationship with your perfume and get your friends, family, and acquaintances to associate you with whatever pleasant scent you set your heart on.

Test Your Perfumes Effectively

You may be tempted to simply do your research and buy whatever bottle seems suitable online. Don’t! Definitely do your research, but follow up with a visit to a department store to try five or so fragrances in person (too many more and your nose might start ‘hallucinating,’ giving you false impressions of a scent you may love in the middle of the testing phase, then loathe the next day.) Once you’ve found a few favorites, try them on skin (I opt for one on each arm) and let them dry down over the next few hours. This way, you can easily check in on how they interact with your skin over time. It’s usually not too hard to determine the winner in the bunch once you’ve spent a significant amount of time with a fragrance.

Buy Smart!

With most brands, you won’t have to pay market price to acquire a nice bottle. Brick-and-mortal department stores are great for testing but usually not so great for buying. Once you’ve set your heart on buying a bottle, check online to see whether or not retailers (with good reputations – check those site reviews!) are offering the scent for lower prices. Chances are you’ll fall in love with a few fragrances that fall surprisingly below whatever budget you have in mind.

If you keep all those guidelines in mind, you’ll likely find a great match in no time. There’s always time later to expand the wardrobe and experiment with expensive, quirky, or otherwise left-field perfumes. Start simple and you’ll find that when you do expand, you’ll be more familiar with what you truly want to own. Best of luck on your journey, and I hope you find this advice as helpful as I would have had I received it early on in the game.

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