Monday, March 27, 2023

Ginger And The Peppers Introduce Themselves To The World With New Video

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This guest post was contributed by Annika Hope of Music Gateway

Brazilian rock band Ginger and the Peppers have announced their debut music video to accompany their first single “Out Of Phase”. Working closely with Music Gateway for their music promotion campaigns, the band’s stage presence and charismatic energy has seen their following soar.

Ginger and the Peppers are a Brazilian rock band from São Paulo. They formed in early 2020 when five friends came together to compose songs and jam out after the socially crippling lockdown was lifted, driven by the same goal of touching people through art and music to help them reconnect with their innermost truth and beauty. 

Consisting of Julia Dillon as the frontwoman, Alê Masili and Paulo Gonzaga on guitars, Itto Menezes on bass, and J.P. Masella on drums – the band tries to create a synergetic “vintage sound with modern compositions”.

Ginger and the Peppers band image

The band is driven by the profound effect that music has had on their lives and friendship, allowing them to enjoy meaningful moments to the fullest. This dedication to every detail has become an integral part of their compositions, making it more than just sound but about cultivating a deeper musical experience.

From Lockdown to Locked Live

Ginger and the Peppers have made an explosive entrance onto the modern rock music scene, bringing with them a wave of fresh and unique sounds. Drawing influence from some of the greats of 70’s Classic Rock, such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix, the band is determined to redefine rock for modern times while also advocating for unity and equality through their music.

Ginger and the Peppers’ debut 2022 release on Spotify ‘Out of Phase’ showcased two distinct realities, inspiring listeners to never give up on their dreams. The single combines thrashing drums, overdrive-soaked guitars, and captivating vocal lines to create a vibrant musical amalgam. 

Ginger and the Peppers Out Of Phase art

Starting out as an impromptu guitar riff, the band managed to transform it into a memorable and enjoyable anthem. Drawing from everyday experiences, the song illustrates the existential journey we all take through life. 

Speaking about the release, Ginger and the Peppers said: “Our initial inspiration to write ‘Out of Phase’, and all of our songs was our desire to create and express ourselves through music. From these first compositions, we started understanding how each song worked on representing something and making us individually feel certain emotions through it.” 

Beginning as five friends who simply enjoyed writing music together, the band have discovered the power of their art and its potential to move and captivate an audience. Now, fans are just as excited by their latest project ‘Plastic Time‘, released in January 2023, which has already amassed tens of thousands of streams on Spotify and looks set to continue the band’s upwards journey to rock stardom. 

“Plastic Time” single art

Images via Ginger and the Peppers and Music Gateway

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