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Designers, Publishers, And Creators From Across Board Game Industry Unite For Stream-A-Thon To Benefit PCRF

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On Saturday, June 8th, gamers, publishers, streamers, and creators will be get together to raise money for the PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) by running a 12 hour stream-a-thon with giveaways from notable publishers, designers, and artists in the board gaming industry. By teaming up with TTAD (Tabletop After Dark), viewers will be able to see live updates on the progress of the fundraiser.

Gamers For PCRF schedule
Gamers For PCRF schedule

Donations will be able to be made via Tiltify starting on June 8th. Gamers for PCRF will have a goal of $5,000 to raise during the stream-a-thon.

The event will run from 12:30PM ET Saturday June, 8th to 1:00AM ET Sunday, June 9th.

Over 10 publishers are donating games for the cause, it is possible that more publishers will be added throughout the week. You can check out the full list of participating publishers and board game creators below:


Gamers For PCRF publishers

Brotherwise Games

Breaking Games


Terrible Games

Leder Games


Friendly Skeleton

Outlandish Games

Violet Daisy


Witchway Games

Druid City Games


Gamers For PCRF streamers


Dutch Yoda Plays

Panda 8ngel



Beneeta Kaur

Brain in a Jar

Board and Shield

Tabletop After Dark


Gamers For PCRF designers

Clarence Simpson (The Wolves, Chomp)

Calvin Wong Tze Loon (Mass Effect: The Board Game)

T.L Simons (Bloc by Bloc)

Max Seidman and Mary Flanagan (Resonym Games)

Greg Loring-Albright (Ahoy!)


Ben Daniel

Semi Co-op

Publishers, designers, artists, and creators are encouraged to reach out to Jillian Ross at [email protected] if they want to participate in donations or giveaways.

Images via respective owners

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