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Join The Crew Of The Normandy In A New Mass Effect Board Game From Modiphius Set During The Reaper Invasion

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Publisher of tabletop RPGs, war games, and board games, Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. has announced that it will publish Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz, a cooperative, story-driven board game for 1-4 players designed by Eric M. Lang (Bloodborne: The Board Game, Marvel United) and Calvin Wong Tze Loon 黃子倫.

Mass Effect The Board Game art

Set during the events of Mass Effect 3, the crew of the Normandy has one more mission. It is the year 2186, and the Reapers have invaded the galaxy. Because the Council ignored Commander Shepard’s warnings, the Citadel Races are overwhelmed and on the verge of losing the war. Aboard the Normandy, Shepard carries out missions to prepare the Crucible, an ancient alien superweapon, for a last-chance attempt to defeat the Reapers. It’s a race against time, and Shepard must seize every possible advantage.

On the remote world Hagalaz, a research cruiser from the terrorist organisation Cerberus has crashed directly in the path of a deadly storm. With little time before the storm hits, Shepard must lead their squad through the cruiser to uncover its sinister secrets and keep them out of the hands of the enemy. However, the ship holds more dangers than just its former crew. Deep within the shattered cruiser stir creatures and enemies far worse than the Cerberus forces that guard them.

Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz is a co-operative, story-driven game for 1-4 players. A branching, narrative campaign allows for multiple playthroughs with a different experience every time. Card-driven AI and evolving stories respond to your actions – your early choices influence later missions. Gather Shepard’s squad from a selection of teammates from the Mass Effect trilogy: Liara, Tali, Wrex, and Garrus. Customise and upgrade your squad’s abilities, equipment, and powers as they gain experience. Enhance them further by unlocking unique powers with optional loyalty missions.

The board game features six highly detailed 32mm scale pre-assembled plastic miniatures of male and female Shepherd, Liara, Tali, Wrex and Garrus.

Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz will be released through Asmodee later in 2024.

For more information, sign up to join the crew of the Normandy here.

Images via Modiphius

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