Friday, May 17, 2024

Gamegenic Announces New Line Of Accessories For ‘Star Wars: Unlimited’

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Gamegenic, in collaboration with Fantasy Flight Games and Lucasfilm Ltd., is very proud to reveal a brand-new line of
accessories for upcoming Star Wars: Unlimited, a trading card game (TCG) of unlimited possibilities. The game features
heroes, villains, ships, and settings from all facets of the legendary Star Wars franchise. All accessories will launch with
the game globally in 2024.

Star Wars Unlimited logo

Every accessory in the Star Wars: Unlimited product line is inspired by the iconic look and feel of the franchise’s galaxy
– while being specifically tailored to the needs of players and collectors. The aim is not only to protect and display
gameplay components, but also to enrich the player experience in unique and surprising ways.

Gamegenic accessories perfectly complement the game’s mechanics and material. In typical Gamegenic fashion, every
detail has been carefully thought out and designed to support the exceptional Star Wars atmosphere, giving little nods
to iconic features.

“Ever since my early childhood, I have been a huge Star Wars fan. Working on this project is a lifelong dream come true!”
says Adrian Alonso, Head of Gamegenic. “You can count on the fact that every single product will be special – to fans of
the franchise and players of TCGs alike.”

He adds: “With the unique relationship that people have with their games and respective franchises, we take improving
their needs very seriously. The Star Wars: Unlimited game deserves extraordinary accessories and this is a collection of
our very best innovations. When you start using our products during gameplay, they become so much more than just
ordinary gaming supplies – they enrich the game and perfectly complement every round played.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the exceptionally creative team at Gamegenic for the accessories of our upcoming
Star Wars: Unlimited game,” says Chris Gerber, Fantasy Flight Games Head of Studio. “We are wowed by each product’s
design and outstanding quality, and we are more than happy to offer these excellent accessories to our players.”

The new accessories will officially launch at this year’s GenCon.

Images via Fantasy Flight Games

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