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Fragrance Friday: Calvin Klein – Euphoria (For Women)

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Last week I talked about Regime des Fleurs’ Falling Trees, and it was more than just a bit on the pricy side. Personally, it’s absolutely worth it to me, but I know not everyone has that level of disposable income. So this week I wanted to detail a fragrance that’s on the more affordable end of the spectrum, Calvin Klein’s Euphoria for Women.

Obviously Calvin Klein is a famous fashion house, and they’ve had many fragrances over the years. You 90’s kids might remember CK One blowing up. They’ve diversified their fragrance offerings over the years beyond the CK name, though you can still find fragrances like CK BE and CK ONE SHOCK (both also highly affordable) if those tickle your fancy. Euphoria (released in 2005) is, as I like to refer it, a fantastic gateway fragrance for women who are wanting to explore fragrances that aren’t straight forals, gourmands, or fruit bombs.

According to Fragrantica, Euphoria’s main notes are rose hip, Japanese apple, green leaves, Lotus, black orchid, red woods, black violet, and amber.

Yes, there are florals and fruits in this scent, but the blending turns it into a more woodsy, borderline spicy delight. I’ve found it wears well in day or night, and in most climates (though it does fit in extra well in winter). In fact, this has been one of my go-to gym scents for months. Which, you know, is a good way to wear it frequently when not in the time of COVID-19. I now have three bottles of the stuff because it’s the one fragrance name people remember me talking about when it’s time for holiday gifts.

Which is fine, because again, I can wear it pretty much anywhere. It’s a deeper scent than the lighter “ladies'” fragrances, but not enough to be cloying. If you’re of the mindset to start tippy-toeing out into a new scent type, this is a good transition fragrance. Or, vice versa if you’re wanting to inch your way into florals. They’re present too, just not the main focus.

I’ve been wearing Euphoria since around 2006, and while my usage of it has been off and on over the last 14 years, it’s a fragrance I still keep reaching for regardless of how my fragrance “collection” has grown.

Now, I talked about affordability, and you can find Euphoria for well under $100. In fact, usually has specials running on Euphoria that offer really good deals compared to, say, Amazon.

No, but really.

Check them out. You can get a 1.7 oz bottle for right around $30.

Ultimately, there are plenty of affordable, but great quality and great smelling fragrances out there for anyone who wants to start building their own scent profile or fragrance collection. You don’t have to wear $400 bottles of fragrance to smell fantastic and you certainly don’t need to drop that much money to find your own signature scent. It’s a wide, wide world out there in fragrance land, and most people have only barely scratched the surface. Don’t hesitate to go exploring.

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