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Fragrance Friday: Regime des Fleurs – Falling Trees

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It’s another week and that means it’s time for another fragrance review! After reviewing Swiss Arabian’s Casablanca last week, I’m going with a niche house called Regime des Fleurs this round, and their fragrance Falling Trees EDP.

Regime des Fleurs is a native Los Angeles brand, founded in 2013 by Alia Raza and Ezra Woods, though going by what is currently on their website it appears Woods is no longer with the house. They launched their first fragrances in 2014 with three different “branches” called “The Lyrics”, “The Ballads”, and “The Epics”. Today Regime des Fleurs offers (on their website) a collaboration with actress Chloë Sevigny called Little Flower, candles, their Personal Space collection, and a high-end collection called Fait Main which includes their Nymphaea Caerulea scent running a whopping $715 per 8mL. You can still find other collections elsewhere online to purchase, including the fragrances for the Oahu collection, and their Birds in Paradise scent.

Now, I already have decants of two scents in their Personal Space collection, Cacti and Glass Flowers. However, I loved Falling Trees so much I went and tracked down the whole g-d 100mL bottle of it. Why?

It’s the essence of trees, essentially. (See what I did there?)

Falling Trees was released in 2016, and according to Fragrantica, the nose (creator) on this scent is Mathieu Nardin. Now let’s look at the notes.

Elemi essential oil, juniper essential oil, olibanum absolute, myrrh resin, treemoss absolute, cypriol essential oil, benzoin resin, oak.

Yeah, yeah, Kori, that’s nice, but get back to the tree part.

I’m not joking about the smell. You will, legit, smell like the fanciest tree in the forest. Do you like camping? Being around trees and nature and hiking in the forest? This is definitely up your alley as you’re going to get a straight shot of juniper and oak right up the olfactory chute. I sprayed, immediately whirled around to Jeremiah, and yelled: “I’m an Ent!”

I cannot stress enough that this is pure wood essence in a bottle. If you’ve ever walked into a log cabin and inhaled really deep, or into a lumber yard, and you just get your face up right next to the freshly cut wood, it’s the same scent. Be one with the tree. BE THE TREE.

Seriously, if you wanna go cosplay a woodland critter, an Ent, elven Ranger, or any other forest dweller, this is going to be your finishing touch, eau de foreste.

This goes without saying that Falling Trees is hard on the woody type as far as fragrances go. If you’re on the gourmand, fruity, floral spectrum then this is probably not going to be your jam.

Now, a full bottle of this costs a pretty penny and retails from between $195 on their website to $200 via online retailers. You can, however, with some patience and a lot of searching, find a deal on fragrances like this from sites like Mercari, where people sell their goods that they’ve used for a little bit, decided they didn’t like, and turn around and sell to someone else. I got my bottle at a fraction of the price and it had only been sprayed once. Some brands are popular enough that you can get a decant, or a smaller vial, of the fragrance for a much cheaper price as well. I’ll detail decants in an upcoming article.

However, know that not all brands will have decants available. Falling Trees did not, as far as I was able to find, so your best bet is going to be looking around the Facebook Marketplace or Mercari and just keeping your peepers open. Unless you want to pay full price.

That said, if you really want to sample Falling Trees or get a dose or two for a fancy occasion, you can order a 0.7 mL sample of it for $5 from Luckyscent.

Image courtesy of Regime des Fleurs

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