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Formula1 Launches The Official F1 Fragrances Race Collection

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With the launch of the new F1® Fragrances Race Collection, Formula 1 is making their haute parfumerie scents, accessible to all fans in an Eau de Toilette version. Designed for both, F1 fans and fragrance lovers, these five unique scents line up on the starting grid, each in its own racing-inspired colour, capturing the powerful energy of an F1 race.  

Based on the aerodynamics of the chassis of an F1 car, the sophisticated bottles, designed by Ross Lovegrove, come in five elegant, yet sportive colours, with each bottle accompanied by a stand visibly inspired by F1 tires. Each fragrance beautifully captures the thrills and challenges of a high-energy F1 race, in its own authentic way.  

The launch of the F1® Fragrances Race Collection compliments the previous presentation of the  F1® Fragrances Engineered Collection, an Haute Perfumery compilation created for the ultimate lovers of avant-garde perfumery and design. 

Both collections are inspired by the passion and advanced technology of Formula 1. Fans can choose from five unisex EDT scents, varying from fresh themes to audacious options, created by the same world’s top-perfumers who masterminded the Engineered Collection.  

“Formula 1 is a sport that touches every sense. Those fans who have had first-hand experience of the thrills and excitement of a Grand Prix will never forget it. A scent can be very powerful in reliving experiences and memories”, said Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing and Communications at Formula 1, “a lot of what we do is about providing value to our fans and we are thrilled to engage with our fans through the important touch point of smell. The unique and daring fragrance collection embodies the sport and has been crafted  to take fans on an F1 journey.”  

“We are very proud to launch the F1® Fragrances Race Collection”, said Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums Chairman & CEO, “making the scents of the pinnacle of motorsport accessible to all fans, in capturing the best F1 memories, the perfection, and the performance  in intriguing scents.” 

While the F1® Engineered Collection was rated by some European perfume experts as one of the best Haute Perfumery fragrances, the F1® Fragrances Race Collection is already lining up for the race to become a must-have for all speed and perfume lovers.

The Collection Includes: 

Precious Mettle EDT 

Inspired By Pre-Race Moments and The Driver’s Courage  

In a bottle as steely as the nerves of an F1 driver preparing for the race ahead, Precious  Mettle opens with a burst of freshness. Classic notes of leather drive the sense of courageousness. Lavender and patchouli combined with airy mandarin and metallic pink pepper. A thrilling citrus woody fragrance with a brilliance that evokes the adrenaline rush of the race.  

Turn 1 EDT 

The First Turn Of The Race Where The Performance Is Fierce  

The solid black bottle drawn from the deep asphalt tones of the track, Turn 1 is a fresh and mineral fragrance – evoking the tension of the tires and the driver’s performance on the wet tarmac. The saltiness of rain and electrifying energy of intense turns. The ozonic spice of angelica mixed with vibrant woods, aromatic violet leaf, and inky oakmoss. A woody aromatic scent that symbolizes the car on the track.  

Overtake 320 EDT 

The Focus and Passion To Pass Your Competitor at High Speed 

A volcanic red inspired by the heat and energy of the race, Overtake 320 is all about the intensity of Formula 1. The moment smoking tires spin as the car speeds up, and the immense power of the engines. Fiery cinnamon and pink pepper melt into a warm blend of tonka bean, vanilla, and gaiac wood. A spicy amber that accelerates at lightning speed. 

Neeeum White EDT 

The Final Stretch, Victory Within Grasp, With Fearlessness and Determination 

The appearance is deceptive. The innocent slick white bottle is as daring as the fearlessness of our F1 heroes racing down the home straight. Crisp and streamlined, an audacious note of narcissus subtly twisted by the slick powder of iris, aromatic juniper, and black pepper with the richness of leather. A fougère floral that celebrates the uncompromising thrill of this technical sport. 

Carbon Reign EDT 

Victory! Celebration On The Podium In Front Of The World 

The thrill of victory – capturing the euphoria on the podium, Carbon Reign is a fragrance that celebrates the joy of the win. Energetic notes of pink and timut pepper convey triumph in a  shower of sparks, with thrilling notes of geranium, lavender, and amber crystals. An aromatic woody fragrance charged with energy. 

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