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Playing ‘Decrypto’ Is Like Real Life Detective Training

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Decrypto is a party game from Le Scorpion Masque games that includes deduction, clues with words, and is a team based game with communication limits. Players are trying to give clues to their team without the other team figuring out their codes or words in their screen, focusing both on their own teams clues as well as the other team’s clues. The game takes 4 rounds, taking about 30-45 minutes to play. Le Scorpion Masque Games have recently came out with some popular games including Turing Machine and Sky Team

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 110 Keyword Cards
  • 50 Note Sheets
  • 2 Screens
  • 4 Interception Tokens
  • 4 Miscommunication Tokens
  • 48 Code Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
Decrypto box art

How’s it Play?

In the game, 2 teams go against each other with 2 or 4 players on each team. Teams try to transmit information to their own team without the other team understanding. Throughout the game your information needs to be clear enough for your teammates to understand but not too clear, as the other team can figure it out. 

Players place keyword cards inside their screens to show words that only that team can see. The other team is trying to figure things out. The encryptor player flips over a code card, not sharing it with anyone else, and is trying to get their team to guess that order from the words shown in their screens. Each number pairs with the words in the screen, but those words cannot be used for clues.

Decrypto components

Three words are written in a round, all matching with the other words in the screen in the sequence shown on the code card. Both teams will be doing this, and when one is done, they flip over the timer and the other team only has that much time to finish their clues.

Each of these words are read aloud, and the other team flips their paper over to match the other teams color. They then try to figure out the code without the shown words on the screen. But the player’s team is also trying to figure out the code using their screen. The code is revealed, and if you got it wrong you gain a miscommunication token. The words are written on the bottom of the sheet, and with time the other team might figure out the words from all the other words describing those words. 

Decrypto trying to figure out how to give clues without giving the game away to the other team

4 rounds are done and the players on the same team will be trying to match the code, and the other team will be trying to crack the code using the clues used by that team to figure out the words in their screen to then figure out the code during rounds 2-4.

If a team gets 2 miscommunications tokens, they lose. If a team gets 2 interception tokens, they win. To get an interception token, you need to guess the other team’s code before they do. 

Your clue for a word can be longer than one word if you would like. Clues can be more than just one word or even be a hum or a dance. Clues can be as obscure as you’d like but needs to be equal to everyone playing the game. 

Decrypto code for the round

The Verdict

Decrypto is a great game for people who love solving problems or figuring out patterns. There’s a detective type vibe to the game as players can try to use clues to throw other players off, while also not trying to confuse their own team. This game just might be a better version of codenames. Decrypto causes teams to have tension with each other, both within each team and against each team. 

Being the hint giver, you have pressure to make sure your team can correctly identify your hints, but also you have the pressure to make it not easy for the other team to figure out what you’re describing. It makes you feel like your on a game show and your hint better deliver. 

Decrypto words for your team only

Players always have something to do during the game, whether thinking of clues or figuring out the other player’s clues to decipher their code. Players are invited to be creative and show their own team mates how great they can describe their words in a different way as to not give it away to the other team. 

The components are fun, the kids loved putting the cards in the screen to see a word, and then found it fun to keep it secret from the other team. The price point on a game like this is on point, and provides your family with a great party game to play with each other or when friends come.

I like how Decrypto makes everyone feel smart, and clever, and even if someone guesses your code from your clues, you can’t get too mad. You have to just congratulate them and try to be better next time. Ultimately, this is on a high end of party games that I’d play or recommend to others. 

Images via Le Scorpion Masque Games

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