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She’s just a girl in love! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2

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I’m just a girl in love! I can’t be held responsible for my actions!


It’s season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and it’s finally time to see what happened with Josh and Rebecca the night of the wedding! Did things backfire? Are they now in love and in a relationship?

Place your bets now if you don’t already know, because I can’t wait to share the results! For now, I’ll share with you the new theme song, which is a lot catchier than the first season’s intro. Rebecca has a group of chorus girls dancing around with her and saying you can’t call her crazy because she’s in love! The intro ends with her popping her head through a large picture of Josh Chan, exclaiming “Blam!” while maintaining eye contact with the camera; she holds the gaze for a creepy long time, which, I swear it’s held longer with each passing episode (but that may just be my imagination).


Okay, did you guess what’s going on with our main character and her love interest? Well. Things are AWKWARD.

They’re leaving the wedding, cruising down the street in a convertible and barely looking at each other. Josh can’t believe Rebecca moved to California just for him; she tries to play it off like he’s being super weird and looking too much into it, when it’s not that big of a deal. They had sex, but it seems like it may never happen again if he’s this uncomfortable about the revelation.

But that’s short-lived. Fast forward 3 weeks and they’re still having sex regularly. Heck, Josh is temporarily living there because he let Valencia have the apartment post-break up, but he refuses to sleep in Rebecca’s bed with her when they turn in for the night.

Rebecca tries to make Josh feel more comfortable in her home by giving him a drawer in her dresser, subtly asking him to stay longer and become a bigger part of her life. But Josh thinks it’s too much too fast; after all, she still hasn’t heard back from Greg since he blacked out drunk at the wedding, and Josh can’t take it any further without the two of them getting closure. Greg, however, hasn’t really been in contact with her. He sent Rebecca one text a month prior, saying he was heading up to stay with his mom while she recovered from surgery, then never followed up with her.

Rebecca, of course, investigates, and finds out that Greg’s story was a lie; she doesn’t really know where he is, so she has Paula track him down. Turns out he’s been staying with his dad right there in West Covina and has been secretly going to AA meetings. Reconciling won’t be as easy as Rebecca thought.

Meanwhile, Josh temporarily leaves Rebecca’s house and goes to live with his parents. He thinks that they’re better off being friends for now, and Rebecca agrees (though she isn’t really on board, she’s just playing along to keep Josh close). And after all of this, Paula decides that she will no longer do anything sneaky or morally questionable for Rebecca, even making her sign a friendship clause agreeing to such.

Slowly but surely, Rebecca and Josh get the hang of being friends again while they try to figure their relationship out. With her extra free time now that she’s no longer smothered with Rebecca’s business, Paula applies to law school to become a real lawyer; she asks Rebecca to write a letter of recommendation for her application. Rebecca agrees to write it, but soon forgets about it once she gets wrapped up in creating plans with Josh.

Just as things get somewhat on-track with Rebecca and Josh, Greg comes back in the picture. He tells all of his friends where he’s been and that he’s sorry for lying to them; they’re not as shocked at his reveal as he thought they’d be. Greg goes on to make his apologies to his friends that he’s hurt over the years. He starts with Heather, and he happens to be at the boba tea stand where Josh and Father Brah are having tea. Josh makes a very awkward entrance into the conversation and suddenly blurts that he slept with Rebecca after the wedding. Greg is very oddly accepting of it until Josh said that it has been fairly continuously happening since. He says he’s okay, but inside he’s very hurt. And that shows later on, when he decides to skip his AA meeting while wallowing over Rebecca. She hears about this and goes to talk to Greg; he apologizes for the way he treated her, and admits he completely messed their relationship up. They make up and feel better after talking it through.

Paula brings up the recommendation letter again, and Rebecca sets it aside yet again; this is when Paula realizes just how selfish Rebecca is when something doesn’t have to do with her (I wish she would’ve realized it earlier. It would’ve saved her a lot of stress and heartbreak). This lack of approval from Rebecca makes Paula think her dream is dumb, and her husband has to convince her it’s not—she just needs to stop seeking answers from Rebecca for every decision. Paula decides to go and talk to Rebecca about it, and they have a heart to heart about supporting each other and not depending so much on each other.

After reconciling with Greg, Rebecca decides to go back to her psychiatrist, Dr. Akopian, who says she is too selfish and emotionally unstable to be in a relationship with one man, let alone two. Rebecca shouldn’t be in a relationship at all, technically, but of course, she doesn’t listen and goes on a soul-searching walk to ponder who she should be with.

Meanwhile, Greg comes home to find out his dad is going to sell the house in an attempt to make a better life for himself while Greg goes to back school. But Greg isn’t ready to leave his home or go back to school, so he’s very shaken.

Both Paula and Rebecca have pregnancy scares. Rebecca, naturally, calls Josh over to have sex. When he gets there he sees prenatal vitamins on her counter and flips out, but that’s short lived when Rebecca suddenly gets her period. This leads to arguably the greatest song of the series, “Period Sex.” It’s cut short in the episode unfortunately, but because of fan outrage, creator Rachel Bloom released a full version of it, which I’ll link down below for your enjoyment.

And this is one of the more tame lyrics…

After this scare, Josh says he no longer wants to see Rebecca because of her flightiness and immaturity. It’s a tough blow for her, obviously. She goes for a walk afterwards to think things through, and runs into Greg. They have a heartfelt moment and say they met at the wrong time and they clearly weren’t meant to be. But. That oh, I’m over it feeling is short-lived when he grabs her and kisses her. Passionately. She proposes they get back together and try to make it work again, and he says he’ll think about it. If he wants to get back with her, they’ll meet at the Olive Garden the next day. After this, Rebecca goes running back to Dr. Akopian and tells her she IS meant to be with a guy. And that guy is Greg after all.

Greg, though, goes home and talks to his dad about it. His dad tells him not to get back with Rebecca; she was the one to finally push his alcoholism over the edge, and if he wants to stay on the road to recovery he needs to stay away from Rebecca. Greg chickens out at the last minute the next day, and leaves Rebecca alone in the Olive Garden parking lot. After all of this, Greg decides to leave and go to school. He says goodbye to all his friends at the airport…and Rebecca comes dramatically running to the airport to bid him farewell. Their relationship was a mess, and that maybe one day they can be friends again. This scene has one of my favorite songs of the series, “It Was a Shit Show,” This always cracks me up, because the writers petitioned for The CW to give them just two “shits” to say for the run of the series, and they got it. It had the impact they were going for, and it gives Greg a good sendoff.

Amidst all of these shenanigans with Rebecca, Paula is genuinely scared of her possible pregnancy, and curses the timing because of course, as soon as she decides to go to law school, to do something for herself, she’s dragged back down into her hectic family life. She’s panicking and doesn’t know if she should keep the baby or not.

Rebecca goes into a downward spiral after Greg’s departure, saying she’s unlovable and she can’t believe both Josh and Greg left her (Dr. Akopian says: “Just let it go. Just let him go, let Greg go.” which makes me giggle because Santino, who plays Greg, was Hans in Frozen). But she can’t let it go, and that night she has a vision of her two guys visiting her. And they sing the lovely song, “We Tapped That Ass.” This scene is gold, with the Broadway Babe Santino and talented dancer Vincent Rodriguez showing us that they’re cute and also have impressive tap skills.

In her haze of emotions, Rebecca accidentally sets her apartment on fire trying to get rid of memories of Greg and Josh. So she runs to Heather’s house next door and ends up staying there for a while. They become better friends because of it, which is super cute and I love it. To try and cheer herself up, Rebecca enters a contest called “Miss Douche,” where a company that sells feminine hygiene products wants a new face for their campaign with a “Miss Teen”-esque pageant. Rebecca gets a makeover to try and have a better chance at winning the contest. But it’s Low Key a way for her to try and show Josh she’s changed and that they can get back together. She (purposely) runs into him with her blonde hair and new wardrobe, and he’s still not interested in getting back together with her.

Rebecca doesn’t end up winning the Miss Douche competition, but Heather (the newly crowned Miss Douche) and her parents help her realize that she can just be herself and that’s good enough. And that to continue her path to happiness, Rebecca can rent an apartment with Heather and they can become even better friends. As Heather and Rebecca sit at a cafe talking about their new apartment, they run into Valencia, who’s chowing down on donuts and doesn’t look like the perfectly coiffed specimen she normally is. They’re intrigued to find out exactly what happened with her after the breakup.

It turns out that Paula is pregnant, but with work and law school and her crazy home life, she decides to have an abortion. This isn’t super glossed over, but isn’t discussed at great lengths either. But the writers put in the pro-choice message, and don’t make Paula out to be a terrible person for making this tough decision. She also elects to not tell Rebecca right away because of her self-absorbed nature. She carries on after by starting her law school classes, and befriends a man in her class named Sunil. The two of them quickly bond; he shows her that a good friend isn’t always selfish, and can help her before helping themselves (which often cannot be said for Paula’s alleged best friend Rebecca).

After their run-in, Rebecca decides she wants to try befriending Valencia and bond over the fact that they’ve both been dumped by Josh. Valencia fends off Rebecca’s friendship advances at first, but Rebecca convinces her to go to this holistic self-help trip into the desert. She’s mad at first, but eventually they connect and bond over their anger with Josh after drinking drug-laced tea.

In a lovely turn of events, White Josh and Daryl are also at this retreat, and they have a bit of an argument over where their relationship is going and jealousy issues. They eventually make up and confess that they’re in love and want to be committed to each other.

This retreat turns into a party when Josh shows up to fix some electrical issues as a part of his job at Aloha Tech, and runs into Valencia and Rebecca. They team up to tell Josh how much he hurt the both of them, and that neither of them want him back. Ever. Josh, however, is hurt too. He says he’s going to swear off women, until moments later when he meets a beautiful girl named Anna (played by Brittany Snow). This confrontation pushes the girls to the friendship tier.

They come back from the retreat and meet up with Heather, where they decide they’re gonna be the three best friends that ever were. And of course, as soon as they decide this, Paula and Sunil show up at the coffee shop. Paula barely looks at Rebecca, her new matching friendship bracelet with Sunil glaringly obvious, and she brushes past Rebecca like they were never close. It hurts to watch, as much as Rebecca kinda deserves it for being a terrible friend.

And in another turn of events, creepy fake-boyfriend Trent has made a return. He’s trying to infiltrate the Josh friend group so he can woo Rebecca and eventually maker her fall in love with him. It’s a fool proof plan (loljk!). He makes his way into the group fairly easily; he’s creeping the guys out, but he tries to win them over by buying them drinks and getting them a table at the busy bar.

Rebecca goes to work the next day and Paula is being very distant with her; she wants to invite Paula into her new high-power girl group, since he’s her OG best friend. Things backfire, of course, and Paula still feels the brunt of Rebecca’s selfishness. At Rebecca’s house, she and Paula get into a big fight and Paula is trapped in the bathroom when the door frame collapses (leading to a song that’s a very funny take on R. Kelly’s “Trapped In the Closet”). The issues escalate after she’s trapped, and Rebecca is reading the texts Paula and Sunil were sending each other (how miserable Paula is at the party, that she needs to be rescued…). Rebecca is greatly hurt by this. She tries to explain to Paula that she had this night to casually bring her into the fold of the girl group, but Paula talks back and says that she can’t trust Rebecca anymore because of how one-sided their relationship is; she tells Rebecca about her abortion, and that she wasn’t there when she was most needed.

To tie things together, Trent makes his way over to Rebecca’s house and tells her he plans on winning her over. He ends up rescuing Paula from the bathroom and very slightly wooing Rebecca. It ends up working, though, because they end up sleeping together. Turns out dear old Trent was a virgin, and that he is now bonded with Rebecca in a totally not creepy way…

Amidst all of this, Paula’s husband is in a barbershop quartet, and he invites her to come to his office party and see him perform. He really wants her support with this, since he’s been supporting her with her law school dream. She agrees to go, but of course, things don’t go as planned; she was doing homework with Sunil and ended up missing the entire show. Her husband is upset, of course, and he confesses to her that he had an affair with his coworker because he hasn’t felt connected to Paula in the last few months. Rebecca’s selfishness had taken over her life, and then her friendship with Sunil was distracting her too. Naturally, Paula kicks him out of the house.

Rebecca, Valencia, and Heather are still in their little girl group, and go Instagram creeping on Josh’s profile, and they see his pictures with his new girlfriend, Anna. Valencia and Rebecca get a bit wild over it, and decide to go stalk this girl in person to see what she’s like. In the process of their super-sleuthing, they end up accidentally killing the poor girl’s cat, and go into a tailspin of illegal activity. Valencia thinks it’s gone too far, and that while she appreciates Rebecca’s friendship, they need to spend some time apart (before anything else goes wrong)

After all of this, Paula and Rebecca finally make up and they’re friends again. All is right in the world of Rebecca Bunch.

Preach, girl.

Poor Josh gets sick with a little cold, and Anna has to go on a trip for work; she doesn’t check in on him and it makes him wonder about their relationship and just how much she cares about him. That wonder soon changes when soup mysteriously shows up at his house with a little note. He assumes it’s from Anna, but really, it was from Rebecca who knows just how cranky he gets when he’s sick.

As a thanks for the soup, Josh invites Anna to the Miss Douche event, where he’s going to reveal his greatest, secret passion (that he wants to be a model). At the club, Rebecca is on babysitting duty with Paula’s son and the logical thing of course was to take a pre-teen to this event. Things go as well as you’d assume, with Rebecca losing the kid in the crows, then she and Heather are trapped in the bathroom and are forced to listen to Josh and Anna having sex on the bathroom counter. Not ideal.

The new relationship fireworks soon fizzle out when Josh realizes that Anna is disgusted by the idea of him being a model, and she breaks up with him on the spot; this also makes him wonder… if she didn’t care enough to send him the soup, then who did? The smart boy puts two and two together and realizes it was Rebecca, and that she still cares about him after everything they’ve been through. This leads to him going to Paula’s house and confessing his love for Rebecca in front of the family, that she’s the only girl for him, and he was too dumb to realize. Rebecca rejects Josh to try and keep her relationship with Paula on track, but after seeing Josh’s declaration, Paula thinks that Rebecca finally acting selfless instead of selfish is alright, and that she can go spend the night with Josh instead of finishing her babysitting duties.

So Rebecca and Josh are back together! Yay! In the days following their reconciliation, they find themselves in a little love nest, with Rebecca taking a few days off from work, when Daryl keeps frantically calling her with huge news at the office. Turns out a larger law firm, Plimpton, Plimpton and Plimpton is taking over Whitefeather and Associates. Nathaniel Plimpton (played by the adorkably cute Scott Michael Foster), the son of the head Plimpton, is going to be running the firm instead of Daryl. Rebecca goes into the office in her casual clothing to meet Nathaniel; he is very rude and arrogant, and Rebecca isn’t having any of it. So she quits on the spot. He doesn’t put up a fight, because he needs $250,000 by Friday to keep the office running, and figures firing four people would solve that problem.

Naturally, Rebecca takes that as a challenge. She un-quits, and makes it her mission to land enough new clients by Friday to make up all of that money so no one will have to be fired. She sets up a meeting with a company who is being sued by a cemetery for their land, and if they book them as clients, they office will be saved. After the meeting, Rebecca’s swept up in the excitement and makes an off-color Oedipus joke to Nathaniel, and out of anger and spite, he randomly fires George (the guy who’s name is never remembered. He’s important later on!).

Rebecca and Paula dig up a bunch of secrets (literally. They dig up dead bodies on the property of the clients who are being harangued by the cemetery) to convince the clients they’ll win the case for them, and therefore, save everyone’s jobs.

Nathaniel, acting all high and mighty, says Rebecca missed the imaginary Friday deadline for booking the clients, and Rebecca is furious. So she jumps on him and tries to stab him with a pen. The potential clients see this, and tell them the cemetery dropped the lawsuit against them thanks to their help. Rebecca made the “deadline” after all. Nathaniel doesn’t fire anyone.

Rebecca and Josh’s relationship continues to move along nicely, with her inviting him back to New York to go to a family bar mitzvah. There, she runs into her arch nemesis, Audra Levine, who is married and doing very well at the law firm Rebecca left to come to West Covina; Audra even took the job Becks turned down, and says she is succeeding with it. After this and seeing the smothering family and friends that Rebecca left behind, she looks at Josh and feels like she finally has someone on her side, to show her family just how well-off she is since moving to California. Unfortunately, Josh finds himself partying and bonding with her family more than she’d like, and once again, she feels isolated.

Meanwhile Nathaniel is waiting to hear from his father about the high power client he is transferring from the LA office, only to find out his father doesn’t think he’s capable of taking the client on. This starts to show a little vulnerability with him (which we haven’t seen before), and that all of his buttons get pushed when his father is disappointed with him. This eases the tension a little between Nathaniel and Daryl when Daryl tries to console him. He makes an effort to be a bit more open after this by adding Daryl onto a case with a big client.

Rebecca meets with Doctor Akopian to admit that she thinks Josh won’t solve her problems like she always hoped he would…maybe she needs to break up with him and solve her own issues. But of course, things don’t go right in Bunch land; at the same time, Josh is taking the advice her mom gave him before they left New York, and is off getting a ring to propose. And naturally he bursts into her appointment with the Doctor to do so. To make matters even worse, Josh gets the family ring that Rebecca pawned earlier on; it’s a big romantic gesture and all of Rebecca’s progress has been thrown out the window.

Late in the season, the Santa Anna Wids come to wreck havoc on West Covina, and everyone believes “the devil winds” are making people act very strange and make weird decisions. It starts with Rebecca showing off her engagement ring to everyone in the office, but it turns out she’s not as excited about it as she thought she would be—she doesn’t have goosebumps when Josh kisses her, and doesn’t have butterflies when she thinks of him. She blames it on the winds, and thinks she’ll feel better about the engagement when they pass. As she researches possible wedding venues, she finds that her dream place is booked solid for next two years. Josh doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but it makes Rebecca panic big time, knowing that she’ll be engaged for so long.

The winds seem to affect everyone else at the office too. During a meeting, a huge gust of wind blows open a window and Rebecca’s blouse since she was trying to close. Everyone gets a nice view of her chest, including Nathaniel, who finds himself suddenly oddly attracted to her. Paula and weird Karen discuss their really odd dreams they’ve had since the Winds came into town. They rope Nathaniel into the conversation, who won’t admit that he had weird dreams too (sexual ones about Rebecca!). Turns out Rebecca had the same sexy sex dream about Nathaniel. When they wake up in their respective beds, she’s turned on, he’s grossed out.

take that, Ed Sheeran!

Rebecca and Nathaniel awkwardly interact after that, and of course, as they leave the office that day, the elevator breaks and they’re trapped together. The only person left in the office is George, who will only let them out if they remember his name (spoiler: they don’t). So Rebecca and Nathaniel are trapped there for a while. To pass the time, he suggests they have sex in the elevator; this’ll get any weird feelings they have out of their system, then they can go back to being annoyed with each other. Rebecca says something that has made it’s way into my daily vernacular: “Right now I’m engahged and outrahged.”

all day, every day.

They end up talking for a while about their families and relationships and even Harry Potter. They’re about to kiss when the elevator is magically repaired. But before the door opens and they get out, Rebecca hits the emergency stop button to passionately kiss Nathaniel. Then they get out of the elevator and go on like it didn’t happen.

But of course, it happened, and Rebecca goes into complete panic mode. After the kiss, she ends up bribing a bride an exorbitant amount of money to move her wedding date so they can have the venue in 2 weeks. That’s right. WEEKS. She tells Josh and he starts to panic too, but for completely different reasons than Rebecca.

Paula and Rebecca have a heart to heart, and Rebecca encourages Paula to give her husband another chance because she’s clearly very miserable without him. It’s a touching moment and it shows just how much their relationship has grown and evolved, to the point where Rebecca isn’t acting as selfish as she used to with Paula.

Things pick up quickly after that, when Rebecca starts ordering wedding dresses by mail on a daily basis. She befriends the delivery guy Patrick (Seth Green), with whom she spills a lot of secrets and information to since Paula is busy studying for final exams and can’t offer much help. Things spiral out of control quickly, with Rebecca spending hours looking up DIY wedding favors and themes on the internet. While running errands, she runs into Valencia, who sees how frazzled she is and offers to take over the wedding planning.

Back at the office, Nathaniel can’t stop thinking about his kiss with Rebecca. He makes his usual healthy smoothie to cleanse his body and his mind, but it backfires on him and he gets violently ill just as his father comes to visit. Daryl gives Nathaniel a suit of his to borrow after he (sadly but hilariously) soils his own, then goes to take his nap. And that’s when his father comes to visit; he always told his son that naps are a sign of weakness, and he starts to doubt his decision to make Nathaniel the head of the office.

Rebecca doesn’t have Paula or Valencia or anyone to rant to when she feels like she’s losing her mind planning this wedding, so she vents to the delivery guy Patrick, who’s a stranger to her and can give her an outside view of her life. She wants him to let her know that she’s making the right decision by marrying Josh so soon. This scene has one of my favorite songs of the season, with the sight gag of a delivery box playing the piano while Rebecca and Patrick lounge on top of it making me laugh so hard I had to pause the scene until I got a hold of myself.

still laughing

Heather and Valencia go over to Rebecca’s apartment to talk to her about this wedding, and they see how much disarray she’s in, and instead of telling her they don’t want to be involved, they say they’re going to help her plan the wedding before she completely loses her mind.

At work, Nathaniel and Rebecca have a talk about fathers, and how overbearing they can be. Rebecca says that her dad isn’t coming to the wedding, so Nathaniel secretly gets in touch with him and flies him out on his personal jet to surprise Rebecca. She’s over the moon, even though their relationship has been turbulent, to say the least.

At the very end of the episode, we see Creepy Trent returning once more, stumbling upon Rebecca and Josh’s wedding invitation; cue dramatic music!

And finally. Finally. The wedding day that most people have been waiting for has arrived.

Rebecca is all hyped up knowing that her dad is here and is going to be at her wedding, walking her down the aisle and finally being a part of her life again. As she’s preparing with Josh, telling him just how much she loves him and how excited she is to marry him, she accidentally says the name “Robert” in a very dreamy tone. Josh asks who she’s talking about, naturally, and she plays it off like it’s no big deal. Of course it is, though, and it eats away at him. He even goes to ask her mom about it, but she shrugs it off and acts like Robert was the name of Rebecca’s dog who died while she was in college. It placates Josh for now, but still nags at the back of his mind.

At his Bachelor party, Josh talks with Father Brah about destiny and knowing about what commitments to make in life… Like how Josh knows his destiny is Rebecca, and how Brah knew his destiny was to be a priest. Brah says it’ll hit you when you least expect it, but everything will become clear at once and your path will be obvious.

While rehearsing their father-daughter dance, Rebecca’s dad says he needs to borrow money from her for his son’s braces. Rebecca wants to give it to him in the hopes that he’ll love her more if she does this favor, even though the gesture doesn’t really benefit her in any way. At their next appointment, Dr. Akopian tells Rebecca that her father is the root of a majority of her problems. This leads to a flashback, where we find out who this Robert guy is. Turns out he’s a professor Rebecca met while attending Harvard, with whom she had an affair. She was in love and ready to spend the rest of her life with him, but he decided to not see her anymore and to return to his wife. In retaliation, Rebecca tried to burn his house down, which lead to her arrest and subsequent trip to a mental institution. During her court appearance, her defense is the same lyrics as the opening theme, except, not as cheerful. It’s a very interesting tie-in, and it really shows just how many nuanced little things the writers put into their scripts.

Back in the present, Trent appears in West Covina with Rebecca’s old records containing the proof that she was in the mental ward as an attempt to stop her wedding. His plan succeeds when he gives the file to Josh to read before the ceremony.

Back at the venue, everything seems to be moving along fairly well; Rebecca’s in her dress, all the bridesmaids and guests are ready, and it’s Heather’s job to escort Josh inside. Except…When she goes out to meet him in the parking lot, he just keeps on driving.

Naturally, everyone freaks out. Big time.

So where did Josh go? Turns out he went on to see the priest who had originally recruited Father Brah. Josh wants to become a priest.

After the realization settles in that Josh has left her at the altar, Rebecca has a complete breakdown and walks to the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. Paula and all the other guests surround her to try and stop her. This scene in particular gives a serious air to the otherwise light and enjoyable show. It finally shows the root of Rebecca’s often “quirky” attitude. It also shows that her need to make up songs for everything is a part of her mental issues and a way to cope with reality. This bit, including another flashback to her time in the institution, was very well done, and a very nice contrast to the rest of the series.

While standing on the cliff surrounded by her close friends, she has the realization that all the men in her life have wronged her, and she definitely doesn’t need a man right now. With her girl group surrounding her (what an iconic image!!) she decides to kick Josh out of her life.

And right on cue, her dad proves to be a disappointment yet again, and essentially says she’ll never have anyone to love her. He tries to make a cool exit by getting back on the private jet that Nathaniel flew him out on. But Nathaniel says the iconic line: “Yeah right. Have fun flying coach. Dick.”

The season ends with Rebecca and her girls standing there, declaring: “Josh Chan must be destroyed.” Paula chimes in with a devious smile and a “Well, what did you have in mind?” And that’s the end of the season.

The arc of this season was so interesting to watch, having Rebecca start off being friendless and completely obsessed with Josh, to having her be surrounded by supportive girl friends and realizing she doesn’t need to be dependent on Josh Chan. I’m excited to see what season 3 has in store for our plucky main character.

Best Songs:

honorable mention:
It Was a Shit Show (episode 4)
Greg’s sendoff song, which had the CW allow a few curse words to this heartfelt moment for emphasis. We’ll miss you Greg, farewell.

5. Let’s Have Intercourse (episode 11)
A play on Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” Nathaniel says he wants to have sex with Rebecca just to see what it’s like, and get it out of their system. He sings about her nipples and how awkward it would be for them to have sex, and I love it.

4.Tell Me I’m Okay Patrick (episode 12)
Rebecca’s plead for this complete stranger to tell her she’s doing the right thing by marrying Josh, and that she’ll be okay after all is said and done. I ranked this number 4 because the song isn’t the absolute best, but I love Seth Green and seeing the box play the piano still makes me laugh, even as I type this.

3. Period Sex (episode 3)
We only got a brief clip of this in the episode, but Rachel Bloom decided to release the full version of it after the season aired. This song is descriptive, gross, and a bit much, but damn if it isn’t absolutely hilarious.

2. Friendtopia (episode 6)
Girl power! This Spice Girls-inspired song was one of the highlights of the season, with the clapping and cheering of “squad goals!” constantly being stuck in my head.

1. We Tapped That Ass (episode 4)
I’m biased, I love every song that Santino Fontana did on this show. This one takes the cake, though, with the visual of a giant ass playing second fiddle to the incredible tap dancing skills of our two main guys.

Images courtesy of The CW

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