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A New Ship Has Sailed on Couple-ish

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When I last left off re-capping Couple-ish, we were in a deep well of confusion trying to work out who was with who and what was what. The next several episodes of Season 2 smooth out some of those confusions, while making things all the more complicated for our characters.

Picking up where we left off, Episode 6 is brief but significant, as flower shop girl Cal meets Dee and develops a crush on our favourite non-binary artist faster than you can say cactus. And there’s instant chemistry. THANKS KAITLYN ALEXANDER, LIKE WE NEEDED MORE PAIRINGS TO SHIP. In spite of that, what I love about Cal’s character is the way she stirs the pot so subtly—a quiet, cheeky presence amid the drama. Premika Leo is such a wonderful addition to Couple-ish.

When Episode 7 rolled around, we finally, finally got confirmation (or should I say er, less ambiguity) on the status of Dee and Rachel’s relationship. Contrary to possible belief, thanks to that kiss the two shared at the end of Couple-ish Season 1, “doin’ it for the government” is still a relevant catchphrase. Couple that with a few others clues privy in this episode including Dee texting a mysterious cute person (we know mysterious cute person is cute because #1. “that look” on Dee’s face in the picture below and #2. said cute person is 99% likely to be Cal, seeing as Cal did give Dee her number in the previous episode, ya know?).

Look at that smirk. We all know it. We have lived it. That is, undoubtedly, THE CUTE PERSON SMIRK.

The other clue (or should I say, glaring red flag) was Rachel picking up the book with Amy’s name on it at the end of the episode. Y’all. If it wasn’t obvious already, Rachel and Amy clearly ain’t over each other and messy is how this is going to get. Brace yourselves. Frustrated feels are coming, the very definition of Couple-ish.

After watching Rachel and Dee’s latest “fake it for the government” video, we flip the script for Episode 8 and get a glimpse of Amy and Jaime’s raw footage before it got cut for the internet. Though some of it is cute and authentic, particularly on Jaime’s side of things, the cracks in their relationship are beginning to show. When responding to the question “What are your favourite things about each other?”, Amy quickly answers “her accent”. Awkward, because Jaime and Rachel have the same accent…. Conversely, Jaime gives a really thoughtful answer about Amy’s personality and outlook. As they continue through questions from viewers, the subjects of whatever-happened-to-Ed pops up, Jaime pries Amy for an answer beyond “it was just for the government”, but Amy brushes off the question, making it clear that the couple haven’t really talked deeply about past events.

Fast-forward to next episode and in the name of “Well that escalated quickly”, Cal walks into the flower shop to find Rachel and Amy in a heated argument. It’s almost like Cal has to duck to dodge all the petty accusations flying around. Cal decides to play matchmaker for herself and takes the opportunity to get Rachel out to a bar and with her, Dee. And thank god, because Episode 10 gives us the best Dee we’ve seen of the season so far. They’re authentically awkward, to the point of making Rachel uncomfortable and Cal kind of like them more. But of course, the cute is shattered nearly immediately as our hapless trio stumble drinks-first into Amy and Jaime, who are at the bar despite Cal being sure they wouldn’t be. Hmm.

The truth comes out to everyone—in particular the fact that those flowers Amy bought for Rachel then gave to Jaime were originally for Rachel… and the fact that Rachel told Jaime to pursue Amy. Wow, this is one messy triangle. Thankfully we can kind of stop caring about because HOLY HECK DEE AND CAL HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY. I am remember now why I watch this series, because Kaitlyn Alexander is great and watching them have feelings is great and I will wade through mountains of shipping shit just for Dee’s happiness.

We almost got a kiss, too, and like any good Chekov’s gun an almost-kiss means we’ll get a real kiss eventually. Hopefully sooner than the finale, please?

This caption has no purpose except appreciation for Dee’s hair.

But speaking of ships, the Jaimy ship is sunk, y’all. It’s in the water. Dead. Kaput. Way gone. Luckily Dee flips the switch on protective-sibling mode and takes Amy home to sort shit out, leaving Rachel to bunk with Cal.

At this point with all the drama going on, I’d kind of forgotten that Dee was in on that Kiss That Ruined Everything, but of course they were the one doing the kissing. So Dee taking responsibility for the initiation of Amy’s hurt feelings was kiiiiind of reasonable? But damn, did Amy hold a long grudge.

At least our siblings are finally making up. But Amy seemingly brushing away the mess with Jaime to talk about Dee’s love life was not so reasonable. Like sure, I’m into Dee and Cal but this is not the time and place for that conversation my dudes. What’s worse is Amy mentioning that she needs to apologise to Rachel. Um, okay, yeah, but what about the girl you were ACTUALLY DATING for like the last three months or whatever?? I don’t know guys. I don’t know. I want to like Amy, because she’s Dee’s sibling and all, but in the words of Ron Weasley: that girl needs to sort out her priorities.

In other news, “It’s a date”. Cal is head over heels for Dee. I ship it. I ship it so hard. Some of you might still be hanging out for Deechel endgame but that ship is long gone into the fog for me. A new Couple-ish ship rules the seas. Tune in next time.

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