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Cinemactic Propaganda: Antifa Themes – Part 3

Thad, Kara, and Jeremiah are joined by Alejandra as they discuss Fascism in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres. The four discuss Starship Troopers, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Thor: Ragnarok.

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  • Thaddeus

    Currently ensconced in the American midwest, Thaddeus pursues a lifelong journey to understand how little he actually knows. He also REALLY likes Superman.

  • Alejandra

    Aspiring writer who spends too much time thinking about television and not enough time writing. Her opinions change constantly and she is always starkly aware analyzing things is easier than writing them.

  • Kara
  • Jeremiah

    Jeremiah lives in Los Angeles and divides his time between living in a movie theatre and writing mysteries. There might also be some ghostbusting being performed in his spare time.


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