Friday, June 21, 2024

Chip Theory Announces Acquisition Of Manny Trembley’s Neon Knight Studio

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Chip Theory Games (Cloudspire, Too Many Bones) announced today the acquisition of Neon Knight Games, the
brand new studio recently created by game designer and artist Manny Trembley.Though only recently
created, Neon Knight’s upcoming game, Neon Reign, is set to launches on Kickstarter today.

Over the last four years, Chip Theory has been working hard to diversify their portfolio. Chip Theory Kids, 20 Strong and Wroth have been big steps in this direction, offering games of different complexity and price to bring a wider audience into the Chip Theory family. This search resulted in a multi-game partnership with Manny Trembley. Manny has always had a passion for easy to understand titles, as evidenced by the massive success of Dice Throne, which Manny co designed. After working together on both Wroth and Chip Theory’s upcoming 20 Strong:Tanglewoods trilogy,it became clear that the working relationship was both fun and productive.

“We think this is a no-brainer for everyone involved,” said Chip Theory president and CEO Josh Carlson. “We love Manny’s work both on game design and art. This partnership allows us to get in front of a lot more customers at a scaled down, affordable price. And we can let Neon Knight run mostly autonomously, allowing Chip Theory to keep making the bold and audacious products we’ve become known for. ”

Trembley also strongly endorsed the new partnership.“I have a passion to create affordable and memorable
games that are easy to learn and teach. When Jeff and I set out to start our studio,this was our driving
force. I’ve seen Chip Theory’s passion for games and their community over the last year, along with a
singular dedication to making the best games possible.The journey of making fun games,and who I make
those games with,is important to me.Working with Chip Theory achieves both of those goals.”

While Chip Theory Games will own and assist in operating Neon Knight Games, the goal is for Manny and
business partner Jeff Jacobson to design, develop,illustrate and handle the bulk of any crowdfunding
campaigns associated with their games as a fully autonomous studio.This will keep the mission, branding
and production of games from both studios as distinct entities.

Neon Reign’s Kickstarter campaign launches April 30, with release slated for this fall.

Images via Chip Theory Games

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