Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Chaosium Announces Return To Board Games With New Call Of Cthulhu Board Game ‘Horror On The Orient Express’

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Yesterday, tabletop roleplaying game publisher Chaosium announced the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for its return to board gaming with Horror on the Orient Express: The Board Game, launching on April 2, 2024. The exciting new take on the classic Call of Cthulhu campaign gives board game and horror TTRPG fans alike a new way to experience the story with their friends and family. This cooperative game gives players the chance to explore the 1920s aboard the famous Orient Express and investigate the murderous cult (and monsters) trying to stop the train from reaching its destination – and sacrifice everyone onboard along the way.

Horror on the Orient Express image

Created by industry veterans Adam Kwapiński (Nemesis, Lords of Hellas/Ragnarok, Frostpunk) and Michał Gołąb Gołębiowski (Destinies), with art by Aleksander Zawada and Anna Jarmołowsk, Horror on the Orient Express: The Board Game creates an immersive experience new to board gamers and fans of the original campaign. Explore the Orient Express in-depth through the fully designed cardboard train model, capture the feel of the original TTRPG with ongoing character development, and ride the rails into the Dreamlands in new ways with each playthrough thanks to numerous narrative paths and gameplay choices.

Be lured into the luxurious Orient Express in the 1920s, taking you on a dangerous train ride into the realm of the Dreamlands. Everything is against you, from monsters attacking the train to murderous cults hiding among the passengers. Worst of all, an eldritch, blood-thirsty vampire hunting down everything that moves. Can you solve the dark secrets of the Orient Express before time runs out?

Horror on the Orient Express: The Board Game offers a combination of adventure, deduction, survival, and pushing your luck as you identify evil cultists, fight off monsters, protect your passengers from a cruel vampire, and survive the nightmarish trip through the legendary Dreamlands. Multiple strategies, a lot of controllable mechanisms, high replayability, and astonishing table presence – with a condensed gameplay design so your gaming group doesn’t need to dedicate a whole day to the game.

In conjunction with the Kickstarter campaign launch, Chaosium will be running contests on their social media platforms. Horror on the Orient Express: The Board Game will be available to demo on Tabletop Simulator beginning April 2 and featured at Chaosium Con, fully playable with the Chaosium team, on April 19, 2024.

Images via Chaosium

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