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Pandasaurus Announces New ‘Ships & Shores Expansion’ For Nautical Board Game Beacon Patrol

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Publisher Pandasaurus Games has announced the first expansion to Torben Ratzlaff’s 2022 nautical game of tile laying co-op exploration Beacon Patrol. Titled “Ships & Shores,” the expansion adds new ships to the game as well as new powers that help add more variety to gameplay as well as raise the difficulty.

Beacon Patrol: Ships & Shores

Beacon Patrol Ships & Shores expansion box and contents
  • 1-4 players
  • Ages 8+
  • 20-30 min
  • MSRP
  • $14.95
  • Designer and Illustrator: Torben Ratzlaff

From the publisher: As you venture along the coast, you encounter new ships that can aid you in navigating the difficult terrain ahead. Join forces with these other ships and combine your unique abilities to protect the coastlines. But beware, while the ships can assist you in your travels, they require expert hands to operate!

New Ship Types and Powers

  • Construction Ship: You may refill 1 movement token each time you place a tile.
  • Research Vessel: You may swap up to 2 tiles each turn.
  • Coast Guard Ship: You may spend 1 movement token to move to any Outpost tile or the Beacon Patrol HQ.
  • Hover Craft: You may spend 1 movement token to place a tile connected by land and move onto it, and 2 movement tokens to move 1 space over land.
  • Pilot Ship: You can’t move your ship to a tile when you place it unless you spend a movement token. Because of this, you may place tiles that are connected to you by land.
  • Ferry: You may move up to 3 tiles in a straight line when you spend a movement token. You can’t swap tiles on your turn.
  • Submarine: You may exchange 1 of your unplayed tiles with the top tile of the discard pile. Discarding tiles does not refill your movement.

In addition to these new powers some of these ships will add new tiles into the game, adding more ways to score as well as new challenges.

Key features:

  • 7 new ship types with varying difficulty levels
  • Expansion tiles are marked for easy setup
  • Contents easily fit in base game box

The title’s planned release is June 2024.

Images via Pandasaurus Games

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