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Cat’s Kickstarter Corner #5: Thinking Outside The Box

Welcome back to Cat’s Kickstarter Corner! Some quick updates on the campaigns from my last column: Tattoo Brawl and Divination Dice have been funded! Techlandia is still going but is getting closer to their goal, and Kisarta will be relaunching on December 1st. I’ll be sure to give an update when we get closer. But now it’s time for new games! Will you seize the throne or hide behind it?

Board Games

WarRift: Deckbuilding Game by Petry Bros Games

Goal: $7,000

Current Percentage: 63%

Days Remaining: 7

Choose a guild and build your deck in order to come out on top. Players will get cards from their guilds instead of from a shared resource pool. However, the Rift does allow players to use their opponents’ cards. Should you choose not to pay the extra cost of a card, it will be waiting in the Rift until your next turn. While this does let you play cards early, other players can access that card, so the choice is yours. And with multiple game modes, the choices don’t end there.

Division: Throne Room by MAD Games Ltd

Next Stretch Goal: 300%

Current Percentage: 208%

Days Remaining: 6

Inspired by chess, this game for one or two players utilizes dice and cards instead of the traditional board. However, all the courtiers will look familiar. The goal in both set ups is to make the 3×3 grid of courtier cards match the arrangement on your palace cards. The dice determines which pieces can move across the grid. Be wary, if you complete your opponent’s card they will get to discard it and take two turns. You’ll want to play a few turns ahead, but with the added chance of the dice, be prepared for many contingencies.

Tabletop RPG

Collateral Damage: The Roleplaying Game by Daniel Salcido

Goal: $5,000

Current Percentage: 62%

Days Remaining: 9

Sometimes, you don’t want to be the hero. Sometimes, the hero seems to be in the worst situations. Sometimes, you just so happen to be present for them. Collateral Damage sees you and your party as a background character in a movie. What type of movie? Well, that’s up to the Story Master or the dice. This set up was designed for one shots, and would be a great introduction to RPGs for interested parties.


Ready to Play Storage for Miniatures by Jeffrey Thompson

Goal: $1,200

Current Percentage: 135%

Days Remaining: 4

One of the hardest parts of tabletop gaming is the storage. Not only wondering where to put your games, but where do you put the things that go with them? Expansions don’t always fit in a box, and most RPGs are boxless. Ready to Play Storage for Miniatures offers a variety of options to store your miniatures and even some board games. I was personally sold when I saw what they created for Zombicide. They are also currently offering custom orders, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Wild Card

Wolves of Mercia by Brybelly

Goal: 200 Backers

Current Percentage: 98%

Days Remaining: 5

Ask anyone who has played games with me and they will all tell you that I love a good social deduction/hidden agenda game. Am I a Cylon, werewolf, or traitor? Am I secretly hiding all the food? You don’t know for sure, but you’ll probably assume that I’m up to something nefarious. The Wolves of Mercia sees a classic werewolf type set up, except that there are no passive villagers in this town. Everyone goes about their lives by day, but by night they work on their own objectives. There’s even the possibility of eldritch rituals. They are so close to their next backer goal, so let’s get some more characters released for this game!

Are you going to back any of these? Are there Kickstarters you’d like to tell us about? Sound off in the comments, and tune in next time for the hottest Kickstarters of September!

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  • I'm a 24 year old gamer working two jobs so that I can do what I love. I'm passionate about supporting creators and thats why Kickstarter will always be close to my heart. If you're making something and want to be featured, reach out on twitter or instagram!


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