Monday, September 25, 2023

Cat’s Kickstarter Corner #4: Of Drinks and Divination

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Welcome back to Cat’s Kickstarter Corner! Kickstarter took a break for Gen Con and we did too, but we’re back with some great new games this time. It has also come to my attention that I’m a logo now. It’s a work in progress, I’m hoping for longer hair. We also have a special addition this time: Tattoo Brawl received a relaunch and has just under 3 days left to get funded.

Tattoo Brawl: No Paint, No Game! by Gaming Hole

Goal: $23,395

Current Percentage: 95%

Days Remaining: Less than 3

Featured last time on Cat’s Kickstarter Corner, Tattoo Brawl is giving you another chance to become the best tattoo artist in the studio. Take clients, mix ink, and create tattoos in order to prove your skill in this creatively designed game. It came very close last time, and it’s even closer now, so let’s get them past the finish line, eh?

And now for the new Kickstarters in the spotlight this week!

Board Games

On the Rocks by PenTree Games


Goal: $30,000

Current Percentage: 72%

Days Remaining: 9

Speaking of mixing, it’s time to become a mixologist at the On the Rock Cocktail Lounge. You will compete to make the most money through drink sales and tips by Last Call. Not only will you be taking orders and managing ingredients, you even have to deal with complaints. Starting to sound too much like real life? Don’t worry, there’s some childhood whimsy in the Mancala-like ingredient mixing mechanic. There’s plenty of chances for interaction and sabotage, so get to work making those drinks and come out on top.

Techlandia by Dan Ackerman


Goal: $10,000

Current Percentage: 34%

Days Remaining: 23

Who doesn’t love a good dungeon crawl? How about one where you and up to three friends infiltrate a powerful technology company? If that sounds a little too modern for you, maybe you’ll be more excited when I tell you that the company is in league with eldritch monsters. Now we’ve got a game! In Techlandia you’ll move carefully through the hex based map, finding clues in order to build the proper QR code password. That’s right, this dungeon has puzzles. It’s also timed. Have fun.

Tabletop RPG

Kisarta 5e Campaign Setting by Isola Illyon Edizioni

Goal: $28,201

Current Percentage: 44%

Days Remaining: 9

I am getting some major Dark Souls vibes from this one. A grimdark setting, Kisarta is the perfect way to bring some doom and gloom to your game. Made for Dungeon & Dragons 5thEdition, this campaign setting offers classes, races, spells, mechanics, and a starting adventure. That’s a lot to get any DM started. And since everything is 5e compatible, these horrors and lost souls can find their way into any game. Add-on options include digital and physical maps, as well as a DM screen.


Divination Dice Set (Re-Print) by Doug Wilson

Next Stretch Goal: $8,000

Current Percentage: 77%

Days Remaining: 17

A friend sent me these the other day completely unrelated to this article. They’re just that pretty. This Kickstarter is a re-print, they were so popular the creators have decided to make more. Each die has a different method of divination on it, perfect for your wizard, warlock, or lavender Tiefling lover. Get these gorgeous dice while you still can! The stretch goals are making even more colors available.

Wild Card

The Islands & Aswangs Book by Islands & Aswangs


Next Stretch Goal: In Progress

Current Percentage: 149%

Days Remaining: 25

There were a few options I was thinking of for a wild card this time, but when I saw this book I knew I had a winner. This book has it all: gorgeous artwork, genuine folklore, and gaming application. Truly from the heart of Filipino culture, Islands & Aswangs provides more than monsters and encounters for your game of Dungeons and Dragons. This book is a way to connect to a culture and tradition straight from the people who inherited it. Full of horror and original artwork, this book is a masterpiece.


That’s it for this week! Any of these you’re rushing to fund RIGHT NOW? Sound off in the comments, and don’t forget to tune in later this month for another round of Kickstarters!


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