Monday, September 25, 2023

Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner: Not The Bees!

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Welcome back to Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner! This will be our last update before we take a break for the holidays. But never fear, there will be a lot of end of the year and holiday-themed articles coming your way. Updates: Forest Fire! was funded and GOAT Dice has been suspended from Kickstarter so…uh…don’t worry about them.

Board Games

Apidaia: The Game About Bees by Blue Flame Games

Goal: $4,500

Current Percentage: 79%

Days Remaining: 28

This game is all about the bees! If you are scared of bees…maybe don’t look at the art because it’s very realistic. However, if you love bees then you should definitely admire the different species they represented in this game. In Apidaia, you take on the role of The Queen Bee. Your goal is to grow your hive and prosper through the seasons. You even get to do the special bee waggle dance. As an extra bonus, Blueflame is giving away copies of their next game, Entropy, to one in every five backers of Apidaia.


This Game is Nuts by Beedo

Goal: $6,500

Current Percentage: 27%

Days Remaining: 26

Two dads created this game to have some more fun at game night with their kids. It’s incredibly simple and totally chaotic. Players each have a deck of ten numbered cards and draw five from that deck. Then, all at once, everyone counts. Anyone with a one will put down that card. Then all the twos, threes, etc. The first person with an empty hand wins. However, some of the cards in the deck are not numbered. There are special cards that count for any number, force people to draw, and switch decks. It is the kind of quick-paced game that reminds me of playing Spoons or Slap Jack as a kid.

Tabletop RPG

The Islands of Sina Una – Philippines TTRPG Book by Lucia Verspille

Goal: $31,000

Current Percentage: 56%

Days Remaining: 16

This is a fully functioning setting supplement for D&D 5E. There are subclasses for every class, setting specific classes, new spells, and even new backgrounds. The rich mythology of the Philippines is woven through all of the player options. However, Dungeon Masters will find tools in this book as well. There are a host of creatures ready to try and take on your players, or perhaps make a deal with them… And speaking of deals, how do new—and cursed—magic items sound?

I always love more options in D&D, and I love even more that this is not just an “inspired” collection. It is a labor of love and respect from the members of a culture looking for representation in their favorite game. D&D is  all about storytelling, after all, so what better way to preserve oral traditions?


The Tome Tote by MeepleCraft


Current Percentage: 108%

Days Remaining: 27

This is so pretty, and such a good idea. The creator came up with the idea due to needing a place to store a dice tray. Why not just use the dice tray to carry… everything? These dice trays fit together with straps to hold your books! It also fits the aesthetic of many RPG settings, making it an even more fun addition for game night. There are also options for just one dice tray, and they’re customizable. Plus, this was fully backed with only NINE backers. That’s pretty incredible.

Wild Card

TURRIM Dice – It’s How Wizards Roll by Moonmares Games


Current Percentage: 125%

Days Remaining: 32

So, every time I play D&D, without fail, I end up stacking my dice. I’ve made some pretty impressive dice towers in my day. None of them have looked anywhere near this good. TURRIM Dice actually create a tower. The dice all have unique shapes to create the spired tower. It even comes with a base that holds seven more traditional dice. And you can choose between dark and fiery or light and icy. Now, I’m not really sure how you roll some of these dice… but I definitely want to try.



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